As provided in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), WSCO will implement a recommended minimum 6-foot physical distancing guideline for all person-to-person interactions on campus whenever possible. We strongly encourage greater distance between individuals when possible.

On-Campus Classrooms and Offices

The 6-foot distancing recommendation will be used in classrooms, labs, and meeting spaces whenever possible. Any use of College-owned spaces will require adherence to distancing standards.

  •  Larger rooms will be utilized to allow for social distancing
  •  Back-to-back classes will be reduced to discourage students from gathering outside of classrooms
  •  Desks and instructor stations will be distanced and/or fitted with shields


  •  Serving students only; no community members, public, or children will be permitted at this time
  •  Seats have been reconfigured to allow for social distancing

Student Commons and Lounge Spaces

  •  Tables and seating have been physically distanced
  •  Students and employees are asked to maintain distance while congregating in these spaces
  •  Food Service has been modified to meet the guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Health.

These requirements will be updated as new information about the virus develops and we monitor and evaluate data. (last updated July 30, 2020)