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Adrienne Hellinger

Adrienne Hellinger

Director of Respiratory Therapy

Adrienne has been a healthcare professional for the past 15 years. Upon graduating from WSCO in 2006, she never imagined that her career would lead her right back to Washington State to become the Respiratory Therapy Program Director. Beyond the typical classroom instruction setting, Adrienne incorporates many hands-on activities in her lesson plans such as Escape Rooms and other simulation style events to prepare students with real-life situations that may occur during their career. Her hopes for the future are that local healthcare employers will continue to see a degree from Washington State College of Ohio as a benchmark for well qualified and dedicated job candidates who are committed to excellent patient care.

Christy Veladota

Christina Velodata

Associate of Professor of English Composition & Literature

Dr. Christina Veladota has been writing poetry for most of her life. She has published two chapbooks and her works have appeared in several literary journals. Recently, she received the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award in poetry. This award signifies recognition by her peers for the exceptional merit of her work as it advances and exemplifies the fine art of poetry. In addition to writing and serving as an Associate Professor of English, she is also the coordinator of the WSCO Honors Program, which she established in 2015.

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