As you plan for college, it’s important to understand how tuition, fees and other expenses are calculated so you can estimate the cost of attendance. We establish budgets to provide you with a reasonable estimate of the cost of attendance at Washington State. Our budget includes the following items:

Tuition and Fees


At Washington State, we charge based on credit hour. Ohio residents are charged $170 per credit hour. Non-Ohio, U.S. resident students are charged $171 per credit hour. If you’re a West Virginia resident, you may be eligible for in-state rates through the Reciprocity Program.

To calculate tuition costs, simply multiply the total number of credit hours times $170. As an example, an Ohio resident taking a three credit hour class would pay $510 (3 credit hours X $170). Many degree-seeking students take an average of 15 credit hours per semester, so an average tuition cost for the year would be $5,100 (30 total credit hours X $170).


Choose one of the following below to find your applicable fees. The Schedule of Current Fees show the fees that apply to students regardless of program or course selection. View Course-Specific Fees and click on the individual course to see which fees will be assessed based on your chosen classes.

Senior Citizen Fee Waiver

Students (age 60 and over) who are Ohio residents will have tuition waived if they elect to audit credit courses. All other charges, including but not limited to books, lab/course fees, and safety/security fees, will be assessed. Students are responsible for paying these additional charges by the published payment deadline for the semester. If no payment is made, the course registration will be cleared.

Enrollment for senior citizens who wish to audit will be on a space-available basis and opens 10 days prior to the first day of each term. Financial aid is not available for senior citizen waiver registrations as courses are taken for audit only.

Senior citizens who wish to earn credit for their courses will pay tuition and fees and may enroll any time during the registration period. Senior citizens cannot enroll in courses granting academic credit and audit courses during the same term. (Rev. 11/10/14)