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If you have plans to earn your bachelor’s degree, starting at WSCO is the smart choice. As a matter of fact, the general studies classes you take here are the very same classes required at every four-year institution. The difference between their classes and ours – we have a much lower tuition rate. Consequently, those savings will help keep you from accumulating mountains of college debt. Also, we pride ourselves on small class sizes. In other words, you won’t find yourself lost in the sea of faces in a giant auditorium. Smaller classes mean more attention can be given to you when you need help.

Above all, you need to know that at WSCO, you get a quality education that gets you ready for your next academic step. We have the programs and relevant classes that will help you meet your educational goals.

Transfer Programs Available:

Associate of Science (A.S.) degree

General Sciences Transfer

Associate of Individualized Studies (A.I.S.) degree

We make the transition easy

WSCO participates in the Ohio Department of Higher Education's Ohio Transfer 36 (OT36) and Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) systems. When you successfully complete Ot36 and TAG hours here at WSCO, you can apply them toward a degree at any other state-sponsored college or university in Ohio, as well as other institutions that WSCO has developed pathways.

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Ohio Transfer 36

The Ohio Department of Higher Education, following the directive of the Ohio General Assembly, developed a statewide articulation and transfer policy. It's called the Ohio Transfer 36 and it makes it easier to transfer credits from one Ohio public college or university to another.  The Transfer Module contains 54-60 quarter hours or 36-40 semester hours of specified course credits in English, composition, math, fine arts, humanities, social science, behavioral science, natural science, physical science, and interdisciplinary coursework. When you complete the Ohio Transfer 36 at one college, it automatically meets the requirements of the Ohio Transfer 36 at the receiving institution.

We've gone one step further to ease the transition. We know you don’t want to waste your time or money, so Washington State has agreements with nearby public and private colleges and universities that clearly define which courses taken here will be accepted when you transfer.


Transfer Assurance Guides, called TAGs, are groups of foundation courses that represent a commonly accepted pathway to a bachelor's degree. Any public higher education institution in Ohio can offer TAG courses or course sequences.

TAG incorporates the Ohio Transfer Module as well as additional hours in pre-major and major courses. This includes both required and elective courses. In fact, TAG courses will transfer and apply directly to your major--guaranteed. In its totality, TAG courses are a guaranteed pathway for our transfer students.

You should note that you may need to complete prerequisite courses in mathematics or science before attempting classes required for your transfer degree. While these classes aid in your success, it may mean it will take you a little longer to earn your degree.