The Engineering Transfer program provides the basic core requirements for transfer into a university or college engineering baccalaureate program. Program emphasis is on completion of mathematics and science sequences, as well as humanities, social, and behavioral electives. In order to facilitate the transfer process to a four-year college or university, consultation with an advisor, department chair or the director of advising and transfer is recommended during the first academic year. Seeking the necessary information and advice from both the transfer and the prospective receiving institution is encouraged.
Prerequisite courses in mathematics or science may need to be completed before attempting prescribed courses required for the transfer degree. This coursework is necessary for success and may increase the time required to earn the associate’s degree. Completion of the Associate of Science Degree in Engineering Transfer meets the requirements in completing the OT36.
Graduates of the program will be able to:
• Apply mathematics, physics, and reasoning skills to solve problems.
• Analyze and adopt a defensible position on historical or current issues.
• Articulate into a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering.
• Successfully apply methods of engineering mechanics.

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