Major Exploration

Selecting a major that you'll love

Choosing a major can be tricky. While some students have already decided what they want to study, others are still trying to figure it out. With so many factors involved in choosing a major that best fits you, this decision can be quite overwhelming. WSCO’s Major Exploration summer program is designed to alleviate your stress and provide you with the opportunity to explore your options.

A summer well-spent

Our goal is for you to be efficient in your academic pursuits and take only those classes that move you toward your desired destination. Major Exploration is your chance to take one course and see if it's a fit for you. We are offering introductions to two of our most popular programs: Engineering, and Cyber Security. And by taking a course during the summer, you will have sufficient time to recalibrate if necessary and be ready when the fall semester begins. These classes will be delivered in a range of fashions from fully in-person, online, and Hyflex (in-person with the option to log-in when you can't be on campus).

Classes to explore

Fundamentals of Engineering

Curious about engineering? There are lots of different types of engineers and ENGR1010, will cover the career opportunities available, and even give you hands on experience with the equipment in our labs from pumps and control systems, to PLC trainers and robots. You'll get the chance to team up with your classmates to apply the problem-solving process as it relates to engineering disciplines. You'll get an overview of drafting, CAD, including sketching a form and then converting these images to a CAD produced engineering drawing.

Introduction to Cyber Security

CYBS1010 is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in the dynamic field of Information Technology and Cyber Security. You'll learn about the latest techniques and best practices industry professionals use to protect information systems from threats such as viruses, hacking, spyware, and more. Our unique Red Team vs. Blue Team classroom setup will give you hands-on learning experience that simulates real-world cyber security scenarios. You'll also explore how to protect data and ensure information security and even learn about encryption and cryptography. Intro to Cyber Security delves into core concepts, technologies, and terminology essential to understanding the complex world of Cyber Security. From vulnerability assessments to network defense, malware to firewalls, and intrusion detection, this course covers all the major security topics that you need to know.

The class will be offered in-person with a Hyflex option.

To learn more:

Jacklyn Callihan
College Pathway Advisor