FANUC Certificate Recipients

MARIETTA, OHIO—Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) completed two important milestones at the close of 2021, moving the institution closer toward the completion of its Advanced Manufacturing and Integration Center (AMIC) that’s slated to launch in the fall.

At the close of the semester, WSCO certified seven students in FANUC HandlingTool Operations and Programming. The certification was part of the Robotics 1500 course and is one of two certifications embedded into WSCO’s robotics and mechantronics program. Each certification, if taken directly through FANUC, would have cost students $2,000. But for WSCO students, it’s included in the cost of tuition since the institution is certified to provide the training.

The college also hosted a three-day MasterCam Training class in December. MasterCam is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software used to translate solid models into a language that machines can understand. There was a total of ten participants in the incumbent worker training and included educators, a digital consultant, and employees from local manufacturers from Washington, Morgan, and Athens counties.

The training was provided by Fastech, Inc., of Findlay, OH and organized by The Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers’ Coalition. Four seats of the software, donated to the college by Micro Machine Works, Inc., makes it possible for WSCO to add MasterCam certification to its technical training.

“Our ability to offer these certifications are important milestones in the establishment of our Advanced Manufacturing and Integration Center,” explained George Bilokonsky, WSCO’s Dean of Engineering and Business.

“The center will serve as a training hub for manufacturing here in the Mid-Ohio Valley and will be equipped to provide in-demand training that currently isn’t offered in this region,” Bilokonsky added. “This will include not only our degree-seeking students, but upskilling incumbent workers as well as training high school students, through our College Credit Plus Program.”

The new AMIC will be outfitted with high-tech equipment purchased with funds received from the last three rounds of Regionally Aligned Priorities in Delivering Skills (RAPIDS) program.
“RAPIDS funding has made it possible for us to develop a training initiative that will bolster our region’s manufacturing workforce and then continue to support it long term,” explained Bilokonsky. Last fall RAPIDS funding provided the college with the ability to purchase a new CNC mill, lathe, and PLC trainers, all of which link to the FANUC robotics purchased with RAPIDS funds awarded during the prior year.

The scope of the new AMIC will encompass a range of programs including Advanced Manufacturing and Integration (formally called robotics & mechantronics), Electrical Engineering, Industrial Technology, and Cyber Security. For more information about any of these programs, contact Admissions at 740.568.1900. WSCO will begin fall registration on April 4.




Photo information: At the close of the semester, WSCO certified seven students in FANUC HandlingTool Operations and Programming. Pictured are the recipients. In front (left to right) Logan Miller, Aaron Vessels, and Philip Sammons. In back (left to right) Harrison Sarver, Ryan Vaughn, Stephen King, and WSCO instructor Trevor Cochran. Not shown is Justin Schumacher. The ability to award the FANUC certification is an important milestone for WSCO as it moves the institution toward the competition of its new Advanced Manufacturing and Integration Center.