Makayla Frye February Student of the Month. Early College Month

MARIETTA, OH (Feb. 7, 2018)–American self-help author Napoleon Hill once said, “Goals are dreams with plans.” And 17-year-old Makayla Frye has lofty goals with big plans in place to achieve them.

The ambitious Marietta High School senior is enrolled full-time at Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) as a College Credit Plus (CCP) student, studies Japanese at Ohio University, is taking vocal lessons and hip-hop dance classes. And to further compound her academic workload, she’s in the WSCO Honors Program. Frye has lofty expectations for herself which is why WSCO is honoring her as February Student of the Month—a very fitting distinction as February has been designated by the college as Early College Month.

The driving force behind Frye’s achievements is her dream to move to Japan. And of course, she has a plan for getting there. Following graduation in May from WSCO, where she’ll have earned associate degrees in liberal arts and general science, she’s been accepted at Temple University’s Japan campus in Tokyo.

What inspires a quiet Mid-West girl to want to move across the globe, 6,600 miles from her home and family? Frye laughed as she explained it all started when she stumbled upon Japanese anime on YouTube. The more she watched, the more her interest in the culture was piqued. She suddenly found herself ravenous to learn more about the tiny East Asian country and its residents. In fact, Frye, who is now fluent in Japanese, visited Japan last summer. Her stay confirmed her desire to reside in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Frye acknowledges it was her CCP experience that emboldened her to pursue her dreams. Because of College Credit Plus, “I was able to move into a more adult environment at an early age and work seriously toward my goals. It got me a head start on college courses, helped me to understand college level work, and I believe I am better prepared to attend my four-year university in Tokyo.”

One of the attributes of the Japanese culture that Frye holds in high regard is the work ethic of its citizens. Indeed, Japan has some of the world’s longest working hours. Some Americans find the expectations of Japanese businesses too much, but Frye admits it suits her style. And when you look at all she has going on in her life, it’s obvious this hardworking woman will fit in nicely.

Each year, prior to receiving a high school diploma, WSCO awards approximately 30 associate degrees to CCP high school seniors.

“If you have a goal, go for it,” Frye challenged. If you want it bad enough, nothing will stop you. Search until you have found the way to your goal,” she encouraged.

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