Course Schedule

Welcome to the Course Schedule tool! You can search for courses the following ways:

  • Type a Subject in the Search box, or choose an academic Subject from the list
  • In the “Search for Courses” box, type a
    • Subject (“English”) or a
    • Course Title (ENGL 1510) or a
    • Keyword (“Composition”)

By choosing Advanced Search at the top, you can search for courses by:

  • Term or date
  • Course and section number
  • Days of week
  • Time of day

Once you find a course from the list, then click View Available Sections

Course sections will be grouped by term (Fall, Spring, Summer) and will provide details about type of
class and meeting times.

By clicking the Course Title, you will see additional details including a Course Description, Number of
Credits, Lab or Additional Fees, and other information.

Enrolled students will use this tool through their MyWSCO student page to select courses, create a
schedule, and register for classes!