Jeremy Dotson, August 2017 Student of the Month

MARIETTA, OHIO (August 12, 2016) — Jeremy Dotson isn’t an overnight success story, his journey to triumph is one that’s been on the Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) radar since he was in junior high. And while his academic achievements have earned him the title of August Student of the Month, he is still a self-professed work in progress.

Donna Muntz, Director of College Access and Educational Talent Search at WSCO first met Jeremy when he was a shy, quiet 7th grader at Little Hocking. He was enrolled in the Educational Talent Search (ETS) program, which is designed to increase the number of youth to graduate from high school and enroll in college.

“I witnessed Jeremy grow into a fine young man determined to better himself by pursuing his dream of attending college,” mused Donna. “He is a hard worker and dedicated to being successful to make a prosperous life for himself and his family. He is caring, dedicated, and focused in his pursuits and has blossomed in the Washington State environment.”

Jeremy acknowledges that is was Donna’s guidance and encouragement as the reason he enrolled at WSCO, but admits he sees his education as a means of providing him with career opportunities with better income potential. “I chose to enroll in college because I want to be able to sufficiently provide for my current and future family.”

With an ultimate goal of a land and energy management degree, Jeremy is currently pursuing his Business Management transfer degree at WSCO then plans to get his bachelor’s degree from Marietta College. In the meantime, Jeremy keeps a very busy schedule. On campus he is enrolled in the Honors Program, he is Vice President of Honors In Action of Phi Theta Kappa, and he’s a member of the Veteran’s Club. Off campus, time is a valuable commodity as he works two jobs–providing cleaning services and lawn maintenance. He is also actively involved in his church where he operates the sound board and equipment.

He credits his ability to successfully juggle all that is required of him to two things—people and coffee. “The support of my parents, along with Brad Merritt and Dr. Veladota (educators at WSCO) are the reasons for my success. They’re good people who do their best to support and help others. Also black coffee is a major reason for success. Without it, I wouldn’t be productive at all,” he quipped.

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