New! Ready to start college but can’t find the time?

Work by day and learn by night! WSCO has committed to helping adult learners take the first step to getting an in-demand degree. Wanting to stay local and increase your pay? Now’s the chance. Employers like Dupont, Bureau of Fiscal Services, Peoples Bank and more are looking for the degrees we are offering. Three programs at WSCO can now be done fully in the evening:

Certificate in Accounting

Associate Degree in Business

Certificate in Automation Technician

But… there’s more. In an effort to alleviate the financial burden of starting school, each participant in the Evening Edvantage program will have the following benefits:

  • First two courses of each of these programs fully funded! (Tuition and fees will be covered by WSCO if students do not have it covered with federal Pell Grants)
  • Free Childcare will be available through the Boys and Girls Club on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. If interested in the childcare portion, please complete this form.
  • Earn a certification by taking only one class*
*Automation Technician


Business Management Technology - Associate Degree

Business Management Technology Program

TermClassCredit Hrs.DaysTimeFormat
Spring 2023BUSM 1600PC Apps3Tuesday1st 8-weeks5:30pm-9:10pmBlended
BUSM 2130Customer Service & Sales3Thursday1st 8-weeks5:30pm-8:10pmBlended
BUSM 2560Human Resource Management3Online2nd 8-weeksOnlineOnline
MATH 2140Quantitative Reasoning3Tuesday/Thursday2nd 8-weeks5:30pm-9:10pmIn-Person
Summer 2023ENGL 1510English Comp I3OnlineSummer 8-weeksOnlineOnline
BUSM 1570Small Business Entrepreneurship3ThursdaySummer 8-weeksOnlineOnline
Fall 2023BUSM 2510Marketing3Onine1st 8-weeksOnlineOnline
ECON 2120Macroeconomics3Online1st 8-weeksOnlineOnline
PSYC 1010General Psychology3Online2nd 8-weeksOnlineOnline
ECON 2130Microeconomics3Online2nd 8-weeksOnlineOnline
Spring 2024PHIL 1300Intro to Ethics3Online1st 8-weeksOnlineOnline
BUSM 2300Intro to Finance3Online1st 8-weeksOnlineOnline
BUSM 2750International Business3Online2nd 8-weeksOnlineOnline
BUSM 2610Business Leadership3Online2nd 8-weeksOnlineOnline
Summer 2024ENGL 1515Technical Writing3OnlineSummer 8-weeksOnlineOnline
BUSM 2220Excel3OlineSummer 8-weeksOnlineOnline

Accounting - Certificate

Accounting Certificate

TermClassCredit Hrs.DaysTimeFormat
Spring 2023BUSM 1600PC Apps3Tuesday1st 8-weeks5:30pm-9:10pmBlended
ACCT 2920QuickBooks4Thursday1st 8-weeks5:30pm-9:10pmBlended
BUSM 2220Business Excel3Tuesday2nd 8-weeks5:30pm-9:10pmBlended
ACCT 2550Advanced Financial Accounting4Thursday2nd 8-weeks5;30pm-9:10pmBlended
Summer 2023ENGL 1510English Comp I3OnineSummer 8-weeksOnlineOnline
MATH 2110Principles of Statistics4OnlineSummer 8-weeksOnlineOnline

*Students can continue on to receive associate degree in just two additional semesters.

Automation Technician - Certificate

Automation Technician Certificate

TermClassCredit Hrs.DaysTimeFormat
Spring 2023INDT 2180Manufacturing Processes & Production CPT 4.03Tuesday & Thursday1st 8-weeks5:30pm-10:10pmIn-Person
MATH 1104Technical Mathematics4Tuesday & Thursday2nd 8-weeks5:30pm-10:10pmIn-Person
Summer 2023ENGL 1510English Comp I3OnlineSummer 8-weeksOnlineOnline
Fall 2023INDT 1170Computer Numerical Control3Tuesday & Thursday1st 8-weeks5:30pm-10:10pmIn-Person
INDT 1340Quality Practices & Measurement CPT 4.03Tuesday & Thursday2nd 8-weeks5:30pm-9:10pmIn-Person
Spring 2024DRFT 2530Engineering Design3Tuesday & Thursday1st 8-weeks5:30pm-10:10pmIn-Person
AMIT 1500FANUC Handling Tool3Tuesday & Thursday2nd 8-weeks5:30pm-9:10pmIn-Person

*Students can continue on to receive associate degree in just two additional semesters.

How to Enroll

Registration is going on now for Evening Edvantage. Spring classes begin on January 9 but students are encouraged to apply to WSCO by December 15 to have ample time to complete the enrollment process. Learn more.

Get More Information

For questions or to request additional information, please contact Admissions at 740.568.1900 or Want to schedule an appointment to learn more? We’d love to meet you! Plan your visit.