WSCO Alum Drew Piersall

While College Credit Plus (CCP) is the name now commonly used to identify the program that allows high school students to take college courses, when it was originally launched in 1989, it was called Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO). And by the time Drew Piersall enrolled in the program in the mid- 90s, it had proven itself valuable many times over.

When attorney Drew Piersall completed the PSEO program in 1997, he transferred directly into Case Western Reserve University. As a student of one of the top private universities in the US, he was able to earn two degrees, a Bachelor’s of Science in Management and a Bachelor’s of Art in History in the time it takes most students to earn one degree.

The Marietta High School graduate points directly to his WSCO experience for the ability to achieve so much is such a short time. “Probably the most beneficial thing about my experience at WSCO was that it enabled me to complete two degrees in four years at CWRU,” he said. “This absolutely enabled me to complete the five years of courses in four years. I could not have done it without the WSCO background,” he emphasised.

Reflecting on his experience at Washington State, he advocates for the program. “I think it is a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it. It was a good fit for me,” Piersall reflected. He split his days between his high school campus in the morning and WSCO’s campus in the afternoon and still managed to stay very active in his high school, serving as a class officer his senior year and playing sports year-round. “The 50/50 split was perfect for me. I was challenged academically at WSCO in ways that I probably would not have been in high school.”

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