Jessie Scheimann, Class of 2011

Neuroscientist Gets Start at WSCO

MARIETTA, OHIO—Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) is where class of 2011 alumna Jessie Scheimann discovered her love of the sciences. That discovery, combined with her distaste for working with blood, served as the foundation of her career that includes multiple degrees.

Scheimann didn’t take the traditional path of education. Instead, after high school she ventured out into the world of customer service. “I had been working in customer service for the past 10 years and found that it just wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore. I wanted to explore other career options,” explained Scheimann.

She enrolled at WSCO with the thought that she would major in health, giving special consideration to the Medical Laboratory Technician program. “But after taking a few classes in chemistry and biology, I fell in love with furthering my science education,” and confessed she could never have made it through the MLT program because it “requires phlebotomy and I just can’t handle that,” she laughed.

My experience at WSCO was exceptional,” Scheimann said. “I was pretty nervous to go back to school, but the environment and friendly staff and faculty made the transition seamless. The faculty was outstanding – really fostering learning. The rigor and challenge prepared me for future education,” she recalled.

Scheimann credits WSCO with her successful transition to the University of Cincinnati where she earned her bachelor’s degree as well as a doctorate in neuroscience. “Washington State prepared me extremely well to transfer to a four-year university and succeed,” she recounted. “WSCO gave me a strong foundation of not just knowledge, but also how to learn and think critically. WSCO also gave me confidence to pursue further goals.”

Scheimann is currently employed at a clinical research organization as a regulatory affairs project manager. She offered three pieces of advice for anyone considering college: 1. Understand that it will be challenging, but worth the time and effort. 2. After you’re enrolled, get help when you need it. Take advantage of the services offered by the Center for Student Success. 3. Ask questions and know that everyone at WSCO wants you to attend and do well.

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