Student of the Month Arietta Kincaid.

MARIETTA, OH—For Washington State College of Ohio Student of the Month Arietta Kincaid her career ambitions were first shaped in high school. When one of her instructors said he believed she had a future as a certified public accountant (CPA) that became her vision for herself. “I wanted to become what he saw in me,” Kincaid acknowledged. Though she started college after graduating high school, life got in the way and she had to postpone finishing her degree. It wasn’t until Kincaid’s employer closed its doors in 2018 that her dream of becoming an accountant was rekindled.

It hasn’t been easy for Kincaid to revive the decades old dream. Despite the difficulty, she has continued to spur herself on. “I keep telling myself that I will be in a better position later in life as long as I persevere.” As a full-time student, Kincaid also maintains a part-time job working with people who have disabilities on top of a full-time internship with local accounting firm Perry & Associates.

This perseverance drove Associate Professor of Accounting Christina Gater to nominate Kincaid as the Student of the Month. “Airetta is focused, hard-working, accountable, a leader, and respected among her peers,” said Gater.

She went on to describe Kincaid’s dedication to her schoolwork, as well as her exceptional performance at Perry & Associates. “She works hard every day,” Gater confirmed. “She is excelling in her internship to the point that her supervisors have introduced her to many responsibilities beyond what other interns are doing. Moreover, even with her many hours of internship, she completes both accounting work and her school work on time and accurately.”

Kincaid said she lives by the philosophy instilled in her by her dad and credits it for her success. “You work hard for what you earn and you never give up.”

In May, Kincaid will graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting Technology. Afterward, she plans to continue her education and fulfill her dream of becoming a CPA.

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