Erik Miehrig

The fear of failure can paralyze a person and forever prevent them from pursuing a dream, but Erik Miehrig overcame his trepidation, enrolled in college, and found academic success.

Working in a job that left him dissatisfied, Miehrig knew if he was going to find happiness in his career, he needed to go back to school. “I was unhappy with the pay and the prospects and I didn’t really feel any special passion for [my job],” he confessed. Miehrig evaluated his options and decided to pursue a career in something he enjoyed, working on cars and trucks. He enrolled at WSCO and set his sights on a dual major where he will earn his associate’s degrees in Automotive Service Technology and Diesel Truck Systems.

Enrolling in school held little intimidation to Miehrig. “There was never any question that the type of work I wanted to pursue required some form of schooling.” His hindrance was the fear of blundering in front of peers. “The biggest obstacle for me, in the beginning, was not wanting to make a mistake and look foolish.” He overcame that apprehension with the realization that “making a mistake is part of the learning process.” He went on to say that “sometimes you just have to get your hands on what you’re working on and try things out. Mistakes will be made,” he confessed, “the important thing here is that you learn from them and don’t make them again.”

Miehrig’s credits his academic accomplishments to his work ethic. “I’ve always tried my best and worked hard when I have a goal or responsibility given to me, even if I didn’t feel any special interest for it.” However, he’s quick to point out that his success in the classroom is because “I have a real passion and a motivation [for this line of work] to be as successful as I can.”