Morgan Kolbe student of the month

MARIETTA, OHIO—Long before she was a massage therapy student at Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO), Morgan Kolbe found gratification in giving her grandmother pain relief simply through touch. Today, as she winds down her final days in the classroom, her massage abilities have not only earned her recognition as Student of the Month, she has garnered rave reviews by her practice patients.

Kolbe is the first to admit that when she was younger and rubbed her grandmother’s feet, any positive results were mere happenstance. “While I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, I realized if I pressed in a certain spot, I could give her more mobility.” That small act of kindness given her grandma is what ultimately inspired her to consider a career in massage therapy. With some additional guidance from a relative already working in the field, Kolbe was convinced that the career suited her perfectly.

As she nears graduation, finishing classes and her required practicum, Kolbe is determined to be a stand-out massage therapist and has, of her own volition, completed additional training outside of the classroom, with plans for several more classes in the coming months.

Her efforts are paying off because Massage Therapy Instructor Jacqulyn Krider said practice patients are giving Kolbe high praise. “She has been one of the favored students by the individuals taking advantage of the free massages this semester and continues to receive positive feedback and remarks on her evaluations.”

Kolbe is set to graduate from the Massage Therapy program later this month and has already received four job offers. While her goal is to start her own mobile massage business, she has decided, upon successful licensure, to accept the offer at Zenergy Massage in Belpre.