Student of the Month Jesse Woomer

MARIETTA, OHIO—The Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) Student of the Month Jesse Woomer has his sights set on becoming a small business owner. In the meantime, he’s getting experience working for two local small businesses while he’s earning his degree.

At WSCO, Woomer is in pursuit of his general sciences transfer degree and plans to eventually transfer to Liberty University in Virginia to become a physical therapist. But he dreams of more than simply becoming a working professional, he’s determined to one day start his own physical therapy business.

His current employers, All American Kettle Corn and Pioneer Family Golf Center, are giving him a glimpse into the benefits of small enterprises, something he’s very interested in pursuing. “My end goal is to start my own practice and get into the business side of the [physical therapy] industry. I’m learning with my [current] jobs that there’s less corporate leadership in small businesses,” said Woomer. “You can see in the news and in history that corporate leadership corrupts every time. With small business…you find good-natured, hard-working people all around and you get to make good friendships and business relationships,” he added.

Much like the small business mentality that he loves, Woomer too is good-natured and hardworking. As a recipient of the Washington Scholars scholarship, it’s not surprising that Woomer excels in the classroom, however, it’s more than his scores that make him stand out. “I know that I can count on Jesse to answer my questions if no one else does,” said English Professor Deborah Unsold. “He has one of the best attitudes in class that I have seen for a while.” Woomer explained that his classroom behavior reflects who he is as a person, “I try to be an active part of the class and I do my best to answer questions that are asked and ask questions when I don’t understand concepts.”

Woomer expects to complete his degree and graduate in the Spring of 2023.