Dear WSCO Community,

The tragedy of George Floyd's death, as well as so many before him, must compel us to do more. As a community of educators committed to learning and seeking truth, we must reflect on our own failures -- individually and collectively. We must move from making statements to taking action as we acknowledge the pain, fear, and disillusionment that exists for our city, state, and nation.

The responsibility to build and maintain a welcoming, caring, and inclusive environment on our campus and within our community is one that we all share and must embrace.

I want to reaffirm Washington State's commitment to respecting individuals, valuing diversity, and creating an environment of inclusion. As President, I am committed to being part of the positive change that is so very needed to eliminate bias and discrimination based on the color of one's skin, gender identity, ethnicity, or religion. I hope that you will join me in this personal commitment to inclusion.

-Dr. Vicky Wood, President

Dr. Wood's signature

Washington State College of Ohio Values

In creating an environment of trust and respect for faculty, staff, and students, the WSCO community strives to live by a set of values to be practiced each day and in each encounter.

Respect – To acknowledge the humanity of all individuals through compassionate action.
Ethics – To demonstrate honesty, integrity, responsibility, and accountability.
Inspiration – To provide an atmosphere that encourages our campus community to develop, grow, and succeed as lifelong learners.
Inclusion – To provide an atmosphere that fosters respect and acknowledges, explores, and embraces the diversity and uniqueness of all regional and global cultures.
Success – To enable all students, faculty, and staff to be successful academically, personally, and professionally.
Excellence – To reach our maximum potential as a community college through continuous improvement, institutional growth, excellence in teaching, and community engagement.
Teamwork – To foster a culture of collaboration within the campus community that supports our mission, our students, our employees, and the surrounding area.
Stewardship – To be responsible stewards of college resources: human, fiscal, natural, physical, and virtual.