Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the 2022 Spring semester.

President’s & Dean’s List for Spring 2022

MARIETTA, OHIO —Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President’s and Dean’s lists for the 2022 Spring semester.

Students must be enrolled full-time with a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0-grade point average (GPA) to receive President’s List honors or a minimum 3.5 – 3.9 GPA for Dean’s List recognition. Congratulations to these 252 students for earning these outstanding scholastic achievements.


Nora Akers— Parkersburg, WV

David Allman— Amesville, OH

Austin Amash— Marietta, OH

Alexis Anthony— Graysville, OH

Anna Antill— New Matamoras, OH

Daniel Baity— Marietta, OH

Rowen Baker— Marietta, OH

Jacey Barnes— Belpre, OH

Brent Basford— Caldwell, OH

Kari Bauerbach— Whipple, OH

Roy Beaver— Marietta, OH

Ryan Beck— Marietta, OH

Andrew Beha— Parkersburg, WV

Gary Best— Little Hocking, OH

Dallas Bolen— Marietta, OH

William Borling— New Matamoras, OH

Anatole Brajot— Athens, OH

Grace Brockmeier— Beverly, OH

Hadyn Brown— Friendly, WV

William Budgett— Marietta, OH

Miranda Burton— Belpre, OH

Nikolas Cameron— Vincent, OH

Ayla Canuteson— Vienna, WV

Jenna Carr— Lowell, OH

Anthony Carroll— Mineral Wells, WV

Halley Collins— Washington, WV

Julia Cooper— Waterford, OH

Rusty Cronin— Saint Marys, WV

Benjamin Crow— Belpre, OH

Trey Cunningham— Newport, OH

Garret Donahue— Marietta, OH

Gunnar Dotson— Belpre, OH

EmmiJenn Dowell— Little Hocking, OH

Jayden Dowell— Little Hocking, OH

Lisa Duskey— Elizabeth, WV

Meagan Elliott— Marietta, OH

Austin Fleak— Walker, WV

Allison Florence— Little Hocking, OH

Farrah Forshey— Marietta, OH

Bethany Fought— Parkersburg, WV

Justin Fought— Coolville, OH

Brianna Gardner— Vienna, WV

Megan Gilliam— Marietta, OH

Eugene Gumaru— Marietta, OH

Tiffany Haines— Beverly, OH

Kristen Hanes— Marietta, OH

Ryleigh Hannah— Belpre, OH

Haley Hatfield— Parkersburg, WV

Jessica Heck— Belpre, OH

Lindsay Heiss— Beverly, OH

Aidan Herb— Marietta, OH

Heath Hill— Reno, OH

Marcus Ingram— Belpre, OH

David Jones— Harrisville, WV

Nicholas Kelsey— Marietta, OH

John King— Marietta, OH

Jennessa Lang— Waterford, OH

Larissa Lee— Lower Salem, OH

Alexander Lightfritz— Marietta, OH

Kaitlyn Lipscomb— Lowell, OH

Rhiannon Loane— Lower Salem, OH

Samantha Losey— Williamstown, WV

Elyse Macatol— Marietta, OH

Madeline Martin— Marietta, OH

Ryan Mason— Vincent, OH

Andrew Miller— Caldwell, OH

Brandon Miller— Parkersburg, WV

Matthew Miller— Caldwell, OH

Seth Miller— Whipple, OH

Morgan Moser— Lowell, OH

Devon Moss— Marietta, OH

Payton Mullen— Marietta, OH

Vivian Muntz— Belpre, OH

Ashton Myers— Little Hocking, OH

Meghan Nash— Fleming, OH

Sophia Novo— Marietta, OH

Korey-Robert Oakes— Woodsfield, OH

James O’Neill— Vincent, OH

Shayleen Patterson— Marietta, OH

Mackenzie Pottmeyer— Marietta, OH

Emma Poulton— Marietta, OH

Billie Prunty— Marietta, OH

Noah Ramsay— Powhatan, OH

Grace Randall— Belpre, OH

Raine Reed— Marietta, OH

Allison Rehl— Marietta, OH

Alexander Ridenour— Marietta, OH

Braden Rine— Middlebourne, WV

Valerie Ritchhart— Syracuse, OH

Natosha Roberson— Marietta, OH

Allison Roddy— Vincent, OH

Jack Roe— Lowell, OH

Candice Runnion— Belpre, OH

Amanda Schneider— Marietta, OH

Susan Scott— Chandlersville, OH

Zachary Searles— Middleport, OH

Gage Setterstrom— Marietta, OH

Steven Shockley— Sardis, OH

Airyell Shultz— St. Marys, WV

Ryan Simoniette— Little Hocking, OH

Lacie Smith— Marietta, OH

Mackenzie Smith— Little Hocking, OH

Madeline Stachera— Marietta, OH

Jacob Starcher— Palestine, WV

Timothy Stehly— Marietta, OH

Jilliann Stemple— Fleming, OH

Ephraim Stewart— Marietta, OH

Jailyn Stull— Washington, WV

Tara Stull— Parkersburg, WV

Shelby Swain— Marietta, OH

Phoenix Tate— Marietta, OH

Chloe Tornes— Whipple, OH

Albreah Triplett— New Matamoras, OH

Kaylee Ullman— Fleming, OH

Emil Valent— Philo, OH

Kade Van Mol— Saint Marys, WV

Aaron Vessels— Marietta, OH

Caitlyn Walker— Newport, OH

Huston Walker— Mineral Wells, WV

Dakota Walters— Caldwell, OH

Jacob Warfield— Vincent, OH

Traci Welch— Marietta, OH

Natalie Williams— Ravenswood, WV

Rebecca Williams— Vincent, OH

Kyle Wine— Little Hocking, OH

Mason Wittekind— Marietta, OH

Grace Wojcik— Marietta, OH

Jesse Woomer— Marietta, OH

Shelbi Worstell— Lowell, OH

Taylor Yoho— Marietta, OH

Reno Yurco— Caldwell, OH


Norman Adkins— Ripley, WV

Olivia Alloway— Marietta, OH

Matthew Altenburger— Marietta, OH

Peyton Amrine— Vienna, WV

Elizabeth Armstrong— Vincent, OH

Julie Bailes— Parkersburg, WV

Alexandria Barker— Waterford, OH

Kelsey Bartmess— Fleming, OH

Nathan Best— Marietta, OH

Emilie Bever— Belpre, OH

Tanner Bills— Marietta, OH

Hillari Bollinger— Parkersburg, WV

Aurora Boothby— Marietta, OH

William Brannan— Belpre, OH

William Brisker— Elizabeth, WV

Donald Brown— Marietta, OH

Sarah Carpenter— Little Hocking, OH

Stephanie Carpenter— Marietta, OH

Stephanie Carpenter— Waterford, OH

Geneva Cech— Marietta, OH

Chloe Chen— Marietta, OH

Lisa Chidester— Marietta, OH

Mariah Church— Parkersburg, WV

Emily Cisler— New Matamoras, OH

Jacob Clagett— New Concord, OH

Amber Claubaugh— Marietta, OH

Kelly Cline— Marietta, OH

Thomas Coakley— Elizabeth, WV

Ethan Coffield— Marietta, OH

Tyler Coleman— McConnelsville, OH

Hayden Constable— Marietta, OH

Carter Cox— Parkersburg, WV

Anna Cozzens— Vincent, OH

Brianne Dalton— Vincent, OH

Brianna Daniels— Parkersburg, WV

Hunter DeLancey— St. Marys, WV

Liliana Ditchendorf— Marietta, OH

Isabelle Doughty— Marietta, OH

Caden Eddy— Little Hocking, OH

Eric Eisenmann— Vienna, WV

Espen Elliott— Nelsonville, OH

Kassandra Erb— Marietta, OH

Spencer George— Marietta, OH

Wyatt Grayson— Vincent, OH

Darrien Grubb— Stockport, OH

Keara Haas— Lower Salem, OH

Kaylee Hafer— Belpre, OH

Taylor Haines— Lowell, OH

Madison Harrington— Belpre, OH

Jonathon Hicks— Belpre, OH

Jodie Higgins— Marietta, OH

Austin Holdren— Little hocking, OH

Camden Huck— Beverly, OH

Owen Huck— Waterford, OH

Wade Huck— Waterford, OH

Miranda Hull— Parkersburg, WV

Isaiah Hutchings— Lowell, OH

Josie Jackson— Waterford, OH

Madison Jackson— Newport, OH

Karla Jadwin— Lowell, OH

Lisa Jensen— Vienna, WV

Taylor Jones— Caldwell, OH

Isaac Jones— Waterford, OH

Cayla Kay— Caldwell, OH

Tacey Kirkpatrick— Newport, OH

Justin Labarre— Marietta, OH

Elizabeth Lauer— Marietta, OH

Madison Lee— Marietta, OH

Josiah Lent— Glouster, OH

Christian Marasco— Marietta, OH

Christian McAlarney— Marietta, OH

Brandi McCrobie— Saint Marys, WV

Olivia McCutcheon— Waterford, OH

Jack McGee— Parkersburg, WV

Karah McGraw— Parkersburg, WV

Arianna McLaughlin— Belpre, OH

Kristen McVicar— Vincent, OH

Brooke Miller— Ravenswood, WV

Kayla Miller— Parkersburg, WV

Aliyah Moore— Marietta, OH

Sierra Moore— McConnelsville, OH

Allee Nau— Marietta, OH

Trinity Naylor— Parkerburg, WV

Chloe Neely— New Martinsville, WV

Anastasia Nicholas— Marietta, OH

Cassey Nunnally— Nelsonville, OH

Haden Offenberger— Waterford, OH

Alisa Ord— Pomeroy, OH

Bailey Owens— Marietta, OH

Bryan Owens— Sistersville, WV

Vanessa Owens— Sistersville, WV

Kylie Pope— McConnelsville, OH

Ava Powers— Marietta, OH

Skyler Radabaugh— Vincent, OH

Mitchell Rehl— Marietta, OH

Kate Renner— Chauncey, OH

Tyler Rogers— Belpre, OH

Kassidy Root— Creston, WV

Christina Rose— Racine, OH

Audrey Ross— Athens, OH

Kaitlyn Rupert— Parkersburg, WV

Philip Sammons— Vincent, OH

Makenzie Sargent— Cutler, OH

Kaitlyn Schaad— Marietta, OH

Jamison Schmidt— New Matamoras, OH

Jalynn Shapley— New Matamora, OH

Michael Sinkowski— Malta, OH

Cody Smith— Marietta, OH

Jonathan Sprouse— Parkersburg, WV

Zane Stackpole— Little Hocking, OH

Justin Stalnaker— Belpre, OH

Braden Talbott— Marietta, OH

Kimberly Tatro— Lower Salem, OH

Tyler Tillis— Middleport, OH

Ryan Vaughn— Parkersburg, WV

Dakota Warner— Newport, OH

Allyssa Wilson— Parkersburg, WV

Tori Wittekind— Fleming, OH

Hunter Wood— Middleport, OH

Julia Zalmanek— Lower Salem, OH

Li Zheng— Marietta, OH