Letitia Glass, Student of the Month

MARIETTA, OHIO (Dec. 11, 2019)–Good grades are important to find success, however Washington State College of Ohio’s Student of the Month Letitia Glass discovered that finding your passion is equally valuable.

When Glass first enrolled at WSCO, she was certain of one thing, she wanted to work in the medical profession. Her first career inclination was nursing and she enrolled in the Practical Nursing program. While she excelled academically, she realized something was off. “I didn’t enjoy patient contact,” Glass candidly admitted.

That realization brought about the need to make a shift in her career choice. She was confident she wanted to work in healthcare; she also knew she still wanted to help people, as well as capitalize on her organizational skills. “I’m a very organized individual who still wanted to be involved within the healthcare field,” she acknowledged. That is when she realized she could do all those things with an associate degree in Office Administrative Services Technology (OAST) – Medical Administrative Assistant.

With only one semester remaining in the pursuit of her degree, Glass has excelled both in the classroom and at her practicum locations. “Letitia has excellent skills and strives for success in all aspects of the classroom,” declared OAST Professor Natalie Lowe. “Furthermore, she is flourishing at her practicum site with Marietta Health System.” As part of her degree, Glass is required to earn practical work experience, which is similar to the clinical experience she had in the nursing program. The difference this time, Glass is enjoying every aspect of her work.

Following graduation in the spring, Glass said she hopes to get a job locally in her field and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management while she works.

Photo by: Ashton Kilbarger