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Thanks to our partnership with Memorial Health System, Washington State College of Ohio students enrolled in the registered nursing program are eligible for a $6,000 stipend, per semester. These funds can be used to offset living expenses while they pursue their degrees.

Graduate debt free

Gain experience

Job Guaranteed After Graduation

The rigor and demands placed on nursing students often make it challenging for them to successfully balance learning with the need to provide financial support for their families. The Student Nursing Investment Grant offered by Memorial Health System will help reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the financial barrier and allow them to focus on earning their degree.

What the Nursing Grant Covers

Tuition | Books | Fees | Rent | Groceries | Etc.

$18,000 sign-on bonuses after obtaining RN licensure

Post-graduate job guaranteed

Nursing Career Pathway
(on-the-job training)

What to Expect Once You Apply?

The Student Nursing Investment Grant is provided and managed by Memorial Health System, including the application process, funding, and fielding questions.