Rylee Willison WSCO June 2019 Student of the Month

MARIETTA, OHIO — Rylee Willison recognizes that long-term success often depends on the ability to look ahead – to make plans for the immediate future while understanding what comes next. This forethought has helped distinguish her in the Radiologic Technology program and made her the clear choice for June Student of the Month at Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO).

When Willison first began to consider what career she would pursue following high school, she only knew that she wanted to work in healthcare. To help narrow her focus, she job shadowed in the radiology field to get insight into what she would most enjoy. “I absolutely loved it,” Willison stated. “I am the type of person that likes to do hands-on work. This job fits perfectly.”

Willison’s zeal for learning has garnered the attention of her instructors, both in the classroom and the clinical setting. “Rylee is an excellent student,” said Paul Richards, Director of Radiologic Technology. “She retains the information necessary for assignments, exams, and clinical settings,” he continued. While Willison has excelled academically, Richards credited a good deal of Willison’s success with her willingness to do more than what is expected, including her participation in optional reviews and pick-up courses.

Similar sentiments were shared by Clinical Coordinator Aimee Phillips. “Rylee has been stellar at her clinical sites since she began the program. She approaches each patient with professionalism and kindness,” said Phillips. “She takes each opportunity as it comes and looks at each as a learning experience. Rylee will make a wonderful Radiologic Technologist.”

While some students may take their education one assignment or exam at a time, Willison never loses sight of the end goal to pass her credentialing exam. “This program is challenging,” said Willison. Yet the most challenging aspect, she explained, is balancing classwork, exams, and studying with the effort needed to retain information over the length of the program and remain prepared for the registry exam.

Radiologic Technology is a unique program offering born of a partnership with Memorial Health Systems. The two-year program pairs the Marietta Memorial Hospital sponsored Certificate Award program with articulation to Washington State College of Ohio for an Associate of Applied Science degree. The Certificate (of Completion), awarded by Marietta Memorial Hospital, coupled with the Associate of Applied Science degree from WSCO, allows students to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) credentialing exam to become a Registered Radiologic Technologist.