Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) Student of the Month Jared Farnsworth.

MARIETTA, OHIO—Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) Student of the Month Jared Farnsworth commits nearly all of his free time to the service of his community. While he hopes the experience will aid in his career pursuit of becoming a physician assistant, each time the 19-year-old answers an emergency call from the Little Muskingum Volunteer Fire Department, he feels like he’s answering his career calling.

When Farnworth was a junior at Frontier High School, he was considering his future and the career path he would take. He had a budding interest in being an emergency medical technician (EMT), but worried he would forget his training in the midst of an emergency. He also knew that if he was going to earn the certification while in high school, he would need to transfer to Marietta High School where a basic EMT course is taught. A man of faith, Farnsworth said he spent a lot of time in prayer seeking guidance on choosing the right path.

When one of his fellow classmates had a seizure during school, Farnsworth said it felt like a sign. He said he responded without hesitation. He knew exactly what to do and was able to provide the necessary support needed until the ambulance arrived. On that day, any trepidation he had was lifted and he was ready to take the next steps in becoming an EMT. In fact, the basic EMT course inspired him to have a bigger dream. Today, Farnsworth is a 4.0 student at Washington State College of Ohio in the WSCO2MC program with a plan to become a physician assistant (PA).

WSCO2MC is a dual admission program between Washington State College of Ohio and Marietta College (MC). It provides a clear transfer pathway to MC with an exclusive scholarship that makes a private, four-year degree more accessible. Farnsworth said when he decided to go to college, Washington State was always part of his plan, but word of the dual admission program gave him some relief of where he would earn his four-year degree. The self-proclaimed homebody wasn’t looking forward to the idea of moving away. WSCO2MC lets him stay close to home while saving money on tuition; his bachelor’s degree from MC guarantees him an interview for entrance to Marietta’s PA program.

While Farnsworth isn’t one to brag about what he’s accomplished, he holds himself to high standards. During his first semester in college, in addition to maintaining full-time status at WSCO and taking one class at MC, he continued to serve as a volunteer EMT. On a few occasions, an emergency 3 a.m. call for help simply meant a long, sleepy day in the classroom. Earlier this year, fueled by the desire to offer more support in the field, Farnsworth decided to earn his advanced EMT certification. So, in addition to a full load of college classes, he spent 10 hours a week in the evenings getting the necessary training. He is nearly always ready to respond to a call. So, when you see him out, whether he’s on campus or around town, there’s a high probability that his emergency radio is nearby and he’s listening for his signal.

He humbly admits that the calling on his life isn’t easy. “It gets hard sometimes. You have to be specially made for it because you give up a lot.” Yet despite hardship, he’s quick to add that, “I love what I do and I’d do it any day in a heartbeat.” While Farnsworth is truly dedicated to his calling and has an overarching desire to serve his community, he said he hopes his efforts will make his application to PA school standout.

Next spring, Farnsworth is slated to graduate from WSCO with his associate degree in liberal arts transfer and will then begin taking classes full-time at Marietta College.