MARIETTA, OHIO (May 28, 2019)— Washington State College of Ohio is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the 2019 Spring semester.

Students must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0-grade point average (GPA) to receive President's List honors or a minimum 3.5 - 3.9 GPA for Dean's List recognition. Congratulations to these 193 students for earning these outstanding scholastic achievements.

President's List

Rachael Adams-- Waterford, OH
Karly Allen-- Marietta, OH
Caylin Anderson-- Lower Salem, OH
Kelsey Ash-- Marietta, OH
Samantha Banziger-- Little Hocking, OH
Garrett Barringer-- Reedsville, OH
Mary Barth-- Lowell, OH
Faith Bauerbach-- Tuppers Plains, OH
Ana-Sophia Beardsley-- Waterford, OH
Matthew Belcher-- Marietta, OH
Joni Betts-- Lewisville, OH
Joel Bricker-- Marietta, OH
Zachary Brooker-- Belpre, OH
Natalie Brooks-- Marietta, OH
Logan Brown-- Vincent, OH
Sophia Brown-- Newport, OH
Tara Burdette-- Marietta, OH
Kayleanna Cochran-- Newport, OH
Seth Coffman-- Marietta, OH
Taryn Conley-- Belpre, OH
Haley Cothern -- Washington, WV
Isaac Curtis-- New Matamoras, OH
Michael Daniels-- Parkersburg, WV
Erica Dawson-- Marietta, OH
Merlea Dunn-- Newport, OH
Jeannette Eason-- Marietta, OH
Allison Farnen-- Marietta, OH
Kera Fordyce-- Walker, WV
Breanna Foreman-- Woodsfield, OH
Kyler Gage-- Cutler, OH
Madison Galloway-- McConnelsville, OH
Abby Gilliand-- Cutler, OH
Letitia Glass-- Guysville, OH
Madelyn Goff-- Parkersburg, WV
Omar Haider-- Washington, WV
Chrystal Handschumaker-- Marietta, OH
Emily Hartline-- Marietta, OH
Amanda Harvey-- Belpre, OH
Kaitlyn Hawk-- Long Bottom, OH
Aaron Heiby-- Fleming, OH
Katie Hendrickson-- Belpre, OH
Casey Higgins-- Marietta, OH
Charley Hill-- Quaker City, OH
Corey Hines-- Marietta, OH
Kole Hoag-- Arkansas City, KS
Nathan Holbert-- Parkersburg, WV
Aaron Hoskinson-- Sardis, OH
Brett Huck-- Waterford, OH
Ryan Kerns-- Belpre, OH
Allison Lisk-- Marietta, OH
Kayla Logston-- Lewisville, OH
Jackson Macatol-- Marietta, OH
Whitney Marshall-- Sycamore Valley, OH
Dayna McDougle-- Lowell, OH
Rose McKinney-- Parkersburg, WV
Jennifer Miller-- Belpre, OH
Caileigh Moore-- Caldwell, OH
Olivia Moretto-- Newport, OH
Dennis Morris-- Marietta, OH
Justin Nash-- Fleming, OH
Daniel Newberry-- Citronelle, AL
Ashley Offenberger-- Waterford, OH
Deven Powers-- Caldwell, OH
Logan Renner-- Vincent, OH
Cody Ridgway-- Pomeroy, OH
Carli Robertson-- Marietta, OH
Ella Rockhold-- Marietta, OH
Cloe Siddle-- Caldwell, OH
Margaret Smendziuk-- Lewisville, OH
Andrew Spaur-- Mineral Wells, WV
Kyra Stewart-- Sardis, OH
Jasmine Tabler-- Marietta, OH
Jeremy Thomas-- Marietta, OH
Timothy Thrasher-- Lowell, OH
Brooke Tipton-- Vincent, OH
Josylin Treadway-- Lowell, OH
Ryan Urban-- Marietta, OH
Kyly Warner-- Marietta, OH
Sydney Westbrook-- Whipple, OH
Kimberly Wilson-- Marietta, OH
Tyler Wise-- Marietta, OH
Wesley Womack-- Ardmore, OK
Abigail Worstell-- Marietta, OH
Samantha Zumwalde-- Marietta, OH

Dean's List

Kortney Allen-- Dexter City, OH
Reuben Baker-- Beverly, OH
Rachel Baumgard-- Cutler, OH
Angela Bennett-- Vienna, WV
Maria Blaker-- Caldwell, OH
Tanner Booth-- Whipple, OH
Cameron Booth-- Lowell, OH
Sydney Brown-- Stockport, OH
Summer Cannon-- Parkersburg, WV
Christiana Cantrell-- Belpre, OH
Lora Cantrell-- Belpre, OH
Brianna Carpenter-- Little Hocking, OH
Mason Cline-- Marietta, OH
Brooke Copenhaver-- Marietta, OH
Kevin Corp-- Marietta, OH
Bakary Dampha-- Belpre, OH
Dezerae Davis-- Waverly, WV
Bethany Dawson-- Waterford, OH
Denise DeLong-- Salesville, OH
Laura Doak-- Senecaville, OH
Patricia Duffey-- Caldwell, OH
Hannah Dunfee-- Coolville, OH
Colton Eddy-- Marietta, OH
Caitlynn Erb-- Lower Salem, OH
Makayla Feldner-- Caldwell, OH
Seth Felton-- New Matamoras, OH
Dylan Ferrell-- New Matamoras, OH
Jordan Fisher-- Racine, OH
Kennedy Foreman-- Vincent, OH
Katelin Gennett-- Marietta, OH
Brisa Glazier-- Vincent, OH
Lyndsey Gorrell-- Waterford, OH
Dayton Green-- McConnelsville, OH
Lisa Gregory-- Marietta, OH
Carlie Hamilton-- Marietta, OH
Ginger Hart-- Lowell, OH
Justin Hartley-- Marietta, OH
Madisyn Heiss-- Marietta, OH
Ashley Hicks-- Parkersburg, WV
Jonathon Hicks-- Parkersburg, WV
James Hicks-- Caldwell, OH
Sydney Huffman-- Waterford, OH
Victoria Humphrey-- Marietta, OH
Tanner Hurst-- Marietta, OH
Robert Hurt-- New Matamoras, OH
Ashley Jenkins-- Cambridge, OH
Nathan Justinian-Bank-- Marietta, OH
Jenna Kehl-- Reedsville, OH
Airetta Kincaid-- Whipple, OH
Stephen King-- Marietta, OH
Haley Klintworth-- Waterford, OH
Jacob Krantz-- Coolville, OH
David Lauck-- Williamstown, WV
Gary Lawyer-- Marietta, OH
Taylor Lemasters-- Marietta, OH
Zekiel Liston-- Caldwell, OH
Nathan Long-- Marietta, OH
Logan Loudin-- Sistersville, WV
Valerie Lowe-- Lower Salem, OH
Emilie Mallett-- Vincent, OH
Kaitlyn McClead-- Marietta, OH
Eliza McKown-- Beverly, OH
Callie McMillin-- Malta, OH
Jared Miller-- Waterford, OH
Karlee Moore-- Racine, OH
Clayton Myers-- New Martinsville, WV
Amanda O'Brien-- Marietta, OH
Lauren Oliver-- Waterford, OH
Leanne Omietanski-- Marietta, OH
Mariah Parks-- Marietta, OH
Haylee Parks-- Caldwell, OH
Deanna Perdana-- Belpre, OH
Emma Petty-- Marietta, OH
Natalie Pomroy-- Lowell, OH
Brooke Pottmeyer-- Marietta, OH
Kelley Powell-- Belpre, OH
Bailey Putnam-- Coolville, OH
Katelyn Reed-- Macksburg, OH
Halle Richards-- Belpre, OH
Paul Richards-- Marietta, OH
Corinne Roberts-- Parkersburg, WV
Nicole Robertson-- Lower Salem, OH
Crenson Rogers-- Racine, OH
Marissa Ruble-- Woodsfield, OH
Kylie Ruble-- Newport, OH
Kenady Sams-- Vincent, OH
Andrew Schindler-- Ravenswood, WV
Cole Schweikert-- Waterford, OH
Clayton Seabolt-- Whipple, OH
Chyla Sephfus-- Vincent, OH
Steven Shelene-- Vienna, WV
Danielle Sistrunk-- Belpre, OH
Brandi Stanley-- Parkersburg, WV
Evan Swingle-- Waterford, OH
Carleen Tabler-- Cutler, OH
Hannah Thompson-- Caldwell, OH
Britiny Toups-- Parkersburg, WV
Abigail Turner-- Marietta, OH
Tanya Wade-- Lowell, OH
Kendra Walker-- Vincent, OH
John Welch-- Little Hocking, OH
Nathaniel Westbrook-- Belleville, WV
Mason Wiley-- Caldwell, OH
Kristin Wilson-- Vienna, WV
Cory Wilson-- Guysville, OH
Kristen Winstanley-- Reno, OH
Sara Winstanley-- Newport, OH
Aubriona Wittekind-- Vincent, OH