Washington State College of Ohio is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the 2019 Fall semester.

MARIETTA, OH — Washington State College of Ohio is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the 2019 Fall semester.

Students must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0-grade point average (GPA) to receive President's List honors or a minimum 3.5 - 3.9 GPA for Dean's List recognition. Congratulations to these 250 students for earning these outstanding scholastic achievements.


Kortney Allen—Dexter City, OH
Jack Alvarez—Marietta, OH
Kelsey Arnold—Reno, OH
Reuben Baker—Beverly, OH
Laura Barnes—Marietta, OH
Mary Barth—Lowell, OH
Matthew Belcher—Marietta, OH
Christopher Bissell—Long Bottom, OH
Heather Booth—Lowell, OH
Kathryn Bowers—Parkersburg, WV
Zachary Brooker—Belpre, OH
Christiana Cantrell—Belpre, OH
Maria Carver—New Matamoras, OH
Todd Clark—Marietta, OH
Kayleanna Cochran—Newport, OH
Taryn Conley—Belpre, OH
Erin Cooper—Vienna, WV
Brooke Copenhaver—Marietta, OH
Kylee Covington—Parkersburg, WV
Seneca Craven—Marietta, OH
Kamryn Davis—Middlebourne, WV
Michaelyn Davitian—Vienna, WV
Karlee Duffey—Marietta, OH
Merlea Dunn—Newport, OH
Colton Eddy—Marietta, OH
Emily Edgar—Vincent, OH
Kelly Erb—Belpre, OH
Jared Farnsworth—Newport, OH
Raegan Feldner—Caldwell, OH
Carrington Foreman—Vincent, OH
Kennedy Foreman—Vincent, OH
Isabella Freimann—Marietta, OH
Calvin Fulton—Athens, OH
Kyler Gage—Cutler, OH
Cade Gandor—Marietta, OH
Abby Gilliand—Cutler, OH
Letitia Glass—Guysville, OH
Nondyce Gulick—Marietta, OH
Jacob Gutberlet—Reno, OH
Kelley Hannigan—Belpre, OH
Justin Hartley—Marietta, OH
Amanda Harvey—Belpre, OH
Nicholas Haught—Marietta, OH
Kaitlyn Hawk—Long Bottom, OH
Casondra Heiss—Lowell, OH
John Henke—Marietta, OH
Addison Herb—Marietta, OH
Cloe Hill—Marietta, OH
Delaney Hilverding—Whipple, OH
Desiree Hinkle—Shadyside, OH
Mariah Hinton—Marietta, OH
Julia Hinzman—Harrisville, WV
Sarah Hinzman—Parkersburg, WV
Ashley Hockenberry—Williamstown, WV
Bailey Hogue—Marietta, OH
Shayla Honaker—Belpre, OH
Alysa Howard—Pomeroy, OH
Ruth Hoy—Parkersburg, WV
Addie Huffman—Marietta, OH
Andrew Huffman—Marietta, OH
Audrey Immele—Marietta, OH
Stratton Johnson—Marietta, OH
Nathan Justinian-Bank—Marietta, OH
Kiara Kennedy—Chesterhill, OH
Ryan Kerns—Belpre, OH
Airetta Kincaid—Whipple, OH
Gretchen Lankford—Lowell, OH
David Lauck—Williamstown, WV
Ashley Lawson—Long Bottom, OH
Gary Lawyer—Marietta, OH
Michael Leggett II—Pennsboro, WV
Edward Lowe—Caldwell, OH
Heather Marks—Parkersburg, WV
Sara Metheney—Beverly, OH
Amanda Michael—The Plains, OH
Cecelia Minard—Marietta, OH
Olivia Moretto—Newport, OH
Haylee Morgan—Marietta, OH
Dennis Morris—Marietta , OH
Vincent Nerone—Marietta, OH
Hallie Northrop—Marietta, OH
Preston Patton—Spencer, WV
Terry Rataiczak—Caldwell, OH
Paul Richards—Marietta, OH
Jonathan Robinson—Marietta, OH
Katie Rollins—Smithville, WV
Kelly Rollins—Vienna, WV
Brendon Ross—Parkersburg, WV
Megan Rucker—Malta, OH
Kenady Sams—Vincent, OH
Andrew Sands—Marietta, OH
Hannah Shears—Mineral Wells, WV
Ciara Sims—Marietta, OH
Gloria Sisson—Middleport, OH
Alyssa Snyder—Newport, OH
Sasha Staats—Washington, WV
Melissa Sterling—Marietta, OH
Kyra Stewart—Sardis, OH
Isabella Strahler—Lowell, OH
Elijah Strode—Stockport, OH
Drew Taylor—Marietta, OH
Brittany Terrell—Stockport, OH
Jeremy Thomas—Marietta, OH
Katelyn Tidd—Newport, OH
Desiree Tomasello—Marietta, OH
Britiny Toups—Parkersburg, WV
Tonya Tullius—Marietta, OH
Emmanuel Utietiang—Parkersburg, WV
Dakota Vaughn—Parkersburg, WV
Taylor Walls—Vienna, WV
Kyly Warner—Marietta, OH
Megan Warner—Lowell, OH
Chance Weihl—Little Hocking, OH
Sydney Westbrook—Whipple, OH
Abby Wigal—Belpre, OH
Danielle Wills—Vienna, WV
Kimberly Wilson—Marietta, OH
Breanna Wright—Newport, OH
Betsy Wriston—Marietta, OH
Lillie Yurco—Caldwell, OH


Aaron Ashley—Mineral Wells, WV
Summer Athey—Whipple, OH
Sage Austin—Marietta, OH
Colton Bailey—Elizabeth , WV
Brandi Baker—Washington, WV
Joseph Baum—Marietta, OH
Rachel Baumgard—Cutler, OH
Angela Bennett—Vienna, WV
Matthew Bertram—Marietta, OH
Joni Betts—Lewisville, OH
Marlina Bigley—Whipple, OH
Alexis Bland—Marietta, OH
Andrew Bleakley—St. Marys, WV
John Bratke—Vincent , OH
Corben Brooker—Marietta, OH
Allisa Brown—Newport, OH
Tanya Brown—Waterford, OH
Tara Burdette—Marietta, OH
Emily Camp—Lowell, OH
Johnathon Carpenter—Dexter City, OH
Katelyn Chesser—Cutler, OH
Jacob Clagett—New Concord, OH
Mason Cline—Marietta, OH
Haley Cothern —Washington , WV
Alexandria Crouse—Jerusalem , OH
Isaac Curtis—New Matamoras, OH
Sheyenne Curtis Le—Belpre, OH
Tiphanie Damon—Pomeroy, OH
Michael Daniels—Parkersburg, WV
Dezerae Davis—Waverly, WV
Hunter Douglas—Lowell, OH
Hannah Duff—Marietta, OH
Patricia Duffey—Caldwell, OH
Matthew Duskey—Beverly, OH
Keely Edwards—Caldwell, OH
Mary Estes—Fleming, OH
Allison Farnen—Marietta, OH
Marlin Farris—Marietta, OH
Breanna Fleeman—Marietta, OH
Breanna Foreman—Woodsfield, OH
Lauren Gainer—Parkersburg, WV
Nancy Glidden—Caldwell, OH
Madelyn Goff—Parkersburg, WV
Issiah Grady—Mineral Wells, WV
Bethany Green—Williamstown, WV
Dayton Green—McConnelsville, OH
Christopher Hammat—Marietta, OH
Makayla Harmon—Vienna, WV
Paige Hartley—Marietta, OH
David Hastings—Williamstown, WV
Levi Hays—Vienna, WV
Madison Hays—Vienna, WV
Madisyn Heiss—Marietta, OH
Cassie Hennes—Vincent, OH
Creighton Henthorn—Parkersburg, WV
Adam Hinton—Belpre, OH
Shannon Holt—Sarahsville, OH
Kara Hopkins—Stockport, OH
Mindy Horn—Caldwell, OH
Sydney Huffman—Waterford, OH
Connor Hurley—Belpre, OH
Tanner Hurst—Marietta, OH
Bailey Jackson—Newport, OH
Jordyn Jackson—Marietta, OH
Kayla Jackson—Marietta, OH
Brandon Johnson—Pomeroy , OH
Kelsey Johnson—Coolville, OH
Donald Kelly—Marietta, OH
Tyler Kerns—Little Hocking, OH
Ashton Kilbarger—Malta, OH
Stephen King—Marietta, OH
Kalei Knick—Belpre, OH
Danielle Lamp—Lowell, OH
Micayla Lamp—Marietta, OH
Ashley Langsdorf—Sardis, OH
Brenda Leavitt—Lower Salem, OH
Taylor Lemasters—Marietta, OH
Ashley Lewis—Malta, OH
Shay Linder—Mineral Wells, WV
Leanna Longfellow—Reno, OH
Justin Lough—Marietta, OH
Valerie Lowe—Lower Salem, OH
Jasmine Matheny—Mineral Wells, WV
Jack McGee—Parkersburg, WV
Calob McGrew—Belpre, OH
Jessie McPeek—Vienna, WV
Jessica Mellott—Parkerburg, WV
McKinlee Michael—Marietta, OH
Jason Montague—Portland, OH
Robert Munger—Marietta, OH
Nathan Mureiko—Vincent, OH
Leanne Omietanski—Marietta, OH
Mariah Parks—Marietta, OH
Briana Patton—Parkersburg, WV
Olivia Paugstat—Marietta, OH
Hannah Payne—Parkersburg, WV
Grace Peyton—Malta, OH
Jacob Phillis—Beverly, OH
Hunter Powers—Thornville, OH
Paula Rader—Vienna, WV
Hunter Reed—Reedsville, OH
Cody Ridgway—Pomeroy, OH
Heather Riffle—Reedsville, OH
Corinne Roberts—Parkersburg, WV
Matthew Robinson—Middleport, OH
Allison Roddy—Vincent, OH
Christopher Roy—Little Hocking, OH
Marissa Ruble—Woodsfield, OH
Meredith Saboley—Marietta, OH
Carson Sampson—Waterford, OH
Kylee Sampson—Williamstown, WV
Keith Schwendeman—Lowell, OH
Joshua Shook—Reedsville, OH
Emma Smith—Waterford, OH
Preston Smith—Caldwell, OH
Tara Snider—Belpre, OH
Brandi Stanley—Parkersburg, WV
Tabithia Storey —Vienna, WV
Brooks Suprano—Culter, OH
Hadden Thibault—Marietta, OH
Jenna Walkowiak—Spring Lake, NC
Abbey Weekley—Marietta, OH
Rachel Weekley—Marietta, OH
Tyler Wise—Marietta, OH
Aubriona Wittekind—Vincent, OH
Grayer Woods—Marietta, OH
Maddison Woodyard—Pomeroy, OH
Seth Woomer—Marietta , OH
Tiffany Yeater—Amesville, OH
Joseph Zimmer—Vincent, OH