Washington State College of Ohio is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the 2021 Spring semester.

MARIETTA, OH — Washington State College of Ohio is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the 2021 Spring semester.

Students must be enrolled full-time with a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0-grade point average (GPA) to receive President's List honors or a minimum 3.5 - 3.9 GPA for Dean's List recognition. Congratulations to these 259 students for earning these outstanding scholastic achievements.

President's List

Hannah Archer—Lowell, OH
Madelyn Armstrong—Cutler, OH
Kelsey Arnold—Reno, OH
Colton Bailey—Vienna, WV
Jacey Barnes—Belpre, OH
Allison Bates—Beverly, OH
Faith Bauerbach—Tuppers Plains, OH
Garrett Becker—Marietta, OH
Megan Becker—Whipple, OH
Christopher Bissell—Long Bottom, OH
Kaitlyn Blackwell—Mineral Wells, WV
Logan Brookover—Newport, OH
William Budgett—Marietta, OH
Kylie Campbell—Marietta, OH
Johnathon Carpenter—Dexter City, OH
Jenna Carr—Lowell, OH
Jacob Clagett—New Concord, OH
Lauren Clark—Marietta, OH
Dawson Clevenger—Williamstown, WV
Mason Cline—Marietta, OH
Halley Collins—Washington, WV
Sydney Compston—Little Hocking, OH
Abby Crock—Caldwell, OH
Garret Donahue—Marietta, OH
Collin Doughty—Marietta, OH
Andrew Drobina—Malta, OH
Raegan Feldner—Caldwell, OH
Seth Felton—New Matamoras, OH
Justin Fought—Coolville, OH
Lyndsey Fought—Coolville, OH
Samantha Gainer—Belpre, OH
Madison Galloway—Beverly, OH
Elijah Gardner—Marietta, OH
Ethan Gault—Marietta, OH
Jantzen Gebczyk—Marietta, OH
Megan Gilliam—Marietta, OH
Benjamin Greene—Graysville, OH
Nondyce Gulick—Marietta, OH
Jacob Gutberlet—Reno, OH
Hunter Hanes—Vincent, OH
David Harr—Vincent, OH
Paige Hartley—Marietta, OH
Nicholas Haught—Marietta, OH
Kaitlyn Hawk—Long Bottom, OH
Evelyn Hawkins—Marietta, OH
Lindsay Heiss—Beverly, OH
Agapi Helou—Little Hocking, OH
Hailey Hickman—Parkersburg, WV
Jodie Higgins—Marietta, OH
Austin Hively—Vienna, WV
Sarah Holbert—Marietta, OH
Shayla Honaker—Pomeroy, OH
Emma Hopkins—McConnelsville, OH
Katelynn Horner—Beverly, OH
Brieanna Horton—Waterford, OH
Audrey Immele—Marietta, OH
Whitney Ingram—Marietta, OH
Daphne Jeffrey—Parkersburg, WV
Brandon Johnson—Belpre, OH
Christopher Johnson—Marietta, OH
Lydia Johnson—Little Hocking, OH
Seth Jones—Marietta, OH
Ella Keffer—Marietta, OH
Nicholas Kelsey—Marietta, OH
Gretchen Lankford—Lowell, OH
Allison Lisk—Marietta, OH
Hannah Lovejoy—Marietta, OH
Kayla Lucas—Washington, WV
Katrina Machamer —Parkersburg, WV
Brayden McConnell—Vincent, OH
Jeremy McGill—Marietta, OH
Anna McIntire—Beverly, OH
Airyell McNemar—St. Marys, WV
Jessie McPeek—Vienna, WV
Jonna Mendenhall—Newort, OH
Brandon Miller—Parkersburg, WV
Taylor Moler—McConnelsville, OH
Dakota Moore—Newport, OH
Toria Moore—Parkersburg, WV
Haylee Morgan—Marietta, OH
Morgan Moser—Lowell, OH
Mackenzie Myers—Marietta, OH
Tonya Neff—Cumberland, OH
Mattie Newsom—Beverly, OH
Hallie Northrop—Marietta, OH
Korey-Robert Oakes—Woodsfield, OH
Brier Offenberger—Waterford, OH
Gavin Ott—Marietta, OH
Joseph Pantelidis—Waterford, OH
Isabella Pettus—Middlebourne, WV
Essence Porter—Cutler, OH
Grace Randall—Belpre, OH
Rebecca Reynolds—Washington, WV
Valerie Ritchhart—Syracuse, OH
Jasmin Robinson—Belpre, OH
Matthew Robinson—Middleport, OH
Allison Roddy—Vincent, OH
Kelly Rollins—Vienna, WV
Kassidy Root—Creston, WV
Candice Runnion—Belpre, OH
Mya Sauls—Lowell, OH
Emilie Scarbro—Marietta, OH
Isabella Schilling—Beverly, OH
Lilliauna Schilling—Beverly, OH
Garrett Scott—Marietta, OH
Susan Scott—Chandlersville, OH
Lakyn Secrest—Marietta, OH
Kelly Senchyshak—Parkersburg, WV
Tylar Shapaka—Parkersburg, WV
Hailey Shearon—Marietta, OH
Madison Shuman—Belpre, OH
Gloria Sisson—Middleport, OH
Catherine Sleek—Waterford, OH
Lacie Smith—New Matamoras, OH
Mackenzie Smith—Little Hocking, OH
Alyssa Snyder—Newport, OH
Morgan Stanley—Marietta, OH
Esther Starner—Marietta, OH
Ephraim Stewart—Marietta, OH
Erin Stewart—Marietta, OH
Colton Sunderman—Belpre, OH
Rachel Swackhammer—Columbus, OH
Braden Talbott—Marietta, OH
Katryna Temesvary—Marietta, OH
Hadden Thibault—Marietta, OH
Aaron Vessels—Marietta, OH
Kayla Vincent—Marietta, OH
Caitlyn Walker—Newport, OH
Constance Warner—Belpre, OH
Hope Weber—Vienna, WV
Chance Weihl—Little Hocking, OH
Emma Wentz—Vincent, OH
Allison Werry—Vincent, OH
Briar West—Newport, OH
John Wharff—Marietta, OH
Jillian White—Lower Salem, OH
Eden Woodford—Lowell, OH
Seth Woomer—Marietta, OH
Ava Wright—Marietta, OH
Regan Wright—Marietta, OH
Tameka Young—Houston, TX

Dean's List

Andrea Adams—Washington, WV
Norman Adkins —Caldwell, OH
Kia Allen—Parkersburg, WV
Virginia Alltop—Elizabeth, WV
Erica Amos—Williamstown, WV
Peyton Amrine—Vienna, WV
Taylor Appleby—Fleming, OH
Eden Armstrong—Lowell, OH
Summer Athey—Whipple, OH
Jacob Baumgard—Cutler, OH
April Beck—Williamstown, WV
Allison Bennett—Marietta, OH
Matthew Bertram—Marietta, OH
Megan Bohl—Lowell, OH
Hillari Bollinger—Parkersburg, WV
Rachel Border—Chesterhill, OH
Kateri Brooker—Waterford, OH
Allisa Brown—Newport, OH
Dylan Brown—Marietta, OH
Zachary Brownfield—Marietta, OH
Thomas Buckland—Parkersburg, WV
Jaylin Burris—Caldwell, OH
Daniel Bustos—Pampa, TX
Caitlin Byrne—Belpre, OH
Nikolas Cameron—Vincent, OH
Michelle Caplinger—Williamstown, WV
Stephanie Carpenter—Whipple, OH
Patrick Casino—Marietta, OH
Natalie Casto—Parkersburg, WV
Grayson Clark—Little Hocking, OH
Ethan Coffield—Marietta, OH
Madison Cogar—Elizabeth, WV
Jacob Craven—Marietta, OH
Abby Cummins—Racine, OH
Allison Damron—Marietta, OH
Dezerae Davis—Waverly, WV
Loren Elliott—Belpre, OH
Grace Erlwein—Fleming, OH
Sophie Evans--Marietta, OH
Keith Fought—Parkersburg, WV
Justin Fouty—Washington, WV
Mikayla Gaskins—Marietta, OH
Reece Gerber—Marietta, OH
Whitney Gerichten—Parkersburg, WV
Moriah Gonzalez—Marietta, OH
Issiah Grady—Mineral Wells, WV
Jackson Graham—Marietta, OH
Kayla Harnage—Marietta, OH
Leightyn Harper—Cutler, OH
Madalyn Harper—Lowell, OH
Ruth Hartline—Marietta, OH
Savannah Hodgson—Mineral Wells, WV
Judy Hook—Glouster, OH
Brittany Horton—Waterford, OH
Owen Huck—Waterford, OH
Quentin Huck—Beverly, OH
Bodie Hupp—Lowell, OH
Stacy Jarvis—Marietta, OH
Bailey Johnson—Vincent, OH
Madeline Kitts—Beverly, OH
Emily Knotts—Little Hocking, OH
Morgan Kolbe—Shade, OH
Savannah Kubic—Marietta, OH
Christopher Lamp—Lower Salem, OH
Jodie Lashley—Senecaville, OH
Tyler Layman—St. Marys, WV
Rylan Lewis—Parkersburg, WV
Shay Linder—Mineral Wells, WV
Hunter Mahoney—Beverly, OH
Zuleidy Marquez—Marietta, OH
Derek McAfee—Fleming, OH
Olivia McCutcheon—Waterford, OH
Jack McGee—Parkersburg, WV
Byron Meeks—Parkersburg, WV
Amanda Michael—The Plains, OH
Jason Montague—Portland, OH
Makayla Muntz—Belpre, OH
Cira Myers—Malta, OH
Beth Nelson—Parkersburg, WV
Carlee Nelson—Marietta, OH
Shyli O'Brien—Newport, OH
Alisa Ord—Pomeroy, OH
Lucas Parks—Marietta, OH
Devon Parsons—Parkersburg, WV
Shayleen Patterson—Marietta, OH
Oscar Pineda—Marietta, OH
Hunter Powers—Thornville, OH
Reese Quimby—Marietta, OH
MacLane Roe—Lowell, OH
Christina Rose—Long Bottom, OH
Kevin Ross—New Matamoras, OH
Amanda Schneider—Belpre, OH
Chastity Schultz —Saint Marys, WV
Hope Seevers—Marietta, OH
Randee Seevers—Marietta, OH
Karlee Sovel—Parkersburg, WV
Molly Stevens—Hurricane, WV
Kayla Stewart—Marietta, OH
Lydia Steyn—Marietta, OH
Addison Stormes—Marietta, OH
Lauren Strickland—Cairo, WV
Evan Summers—Parkersburg, WV
Joel Swisher—Woodsfield, OH
Savannah Thompson—Marietta, OH
Connor Tullius—Beverly, OH
Dakota Vaughn—Parkersburg, WV
Kailey Viney—New Matamoras, OH
Cynthia Waits—McConnelsville, OH
Jayden Wallace—Beverly, OH
Jacob Warfield—Vincent, OH
Crystal Webb—Waverly, WV
Kaleigh West—Lowell, OH
Taylor West—Pleasant City, OH
Kateland Wilfong—Coolville, OH
Grace Wojcik—Marietta, OH
Landon Yoak—Marietta, OH
Julia Zalmanek—Lower Salem, OH
Lauren Zwick—Lower Salem, OH