WSCO awards scholarships

MARIETTA, OHIO— Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) awarded 52 area high school seniors with institutional scholarships to attend WSCO this fall. Recipients of these scholarships represent 23 different high schools from both Ohio and West Virginia.

Southern Local High School Senior Valerie Ritchhart was among only six students who received the Washington Scholars scholarship. Valued at $9,000 over two years, this award is the largest given by the college. “It really means the world to me,” Ritchhart said about receiving the scholarship. “I come from a family that really doesn’t have much money and this makes me want to succeed. It guides my success knowing that I have to work for it.”

Ritchhart, who plans to pursue a degree in nursing, said she was sold on WSCO during a campus tour and cited her attraction to its modern style and array of hands-on equipment in the classrooms. “I also like the class sizes,” she added. “I didn’t want to go to a university and just be a number.”

Derrick Metheney was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship valued at $2,000. The Eastern High School senior said he plans to study computer technology. Metheney said one of his main goals is to graduate college with as little debt as possible and the affordability of WSCO was one of the attractive features. He said the scholarships provide him with “a great opportunity to pursue a career in whatever I choose.”

In total, the merit-based scholarships awarded are valued at more than $171,000. With the exception of the one-time-award Opportunity Scholarship, all are paid over two years. Washington State will welcome the scholarship winners to campus when classes begin on August 17. Currently, the college is registering students for classes for both the summer and fall semesters.



American Preparatory Academy           Scholarship                        Value over 2 Years

David Harr                                               Presidential Scholarship                         $4000 

Belpre High School

Kylie Hahn                                               Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Savannah Knotts                                     Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Allie Lemon                                             Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Brody Weekley                                       Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Caldwell Exempted Village School District

Chloe McAuley                                        Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Matthew Miller                                      Tech Prep Scholarship                            $1000

Calhoun County High School

Jaida Ferrell                                            Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Eastern Local High School

Derrick Metheney                                   Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000            

Federal Hocking High School

Taylor Goeglein                                      Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Fort Frye High School

Lindsey Barker                                        Tech Prep Scholarship                            $1000

Hunter Mahoney                                     Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Frontier High School

Emily Bookman                                       Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Logan Brookover                                     Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Olivia Moretto                                         Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Marietta Senior High School

Emily Baldwin                                         Opportunity Award                                $500

Kari Bauerbach                                       Opportunity Award                                $500

Aliyah Moore                                          Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Bailey Owens                                          Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Landon Yoak                                           Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Meigs High School Tech Prep

Annie McGrath                                       Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Monroe Central High School

Darrien Grubb                                         Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Morgan High School

Ryleigh Keirns                                         Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Haylie Kirkbride                                       Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy

Lauryn Mansfield                                    Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Parkersburg Catholic High School

Jalen Brunny                                            Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Parkersburg High School

Ashlee Morris                                          Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Parkersburg South High School

Olivia Flinn                                              Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Seton Home Study School

Julia Morris                                             Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Southern Local High School

Sydney Adams                                        Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Shelby Cleland                                        Washington Scholars Award                  $9000

Valerie Ritchhart                                     Washington Scholars Award                  $9000

St. Marys High School

Jessica Higgins                                        Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Warren High School

Leightyn Harper                                      Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Ryan Kerns                                              Washington Scholars Award                  $9000

Justin Lough                                            Washington Scholars Award                  $9000

Jaden Lutzen                                           Opportunity Award                                $500

Makayla Muntz                                       Washington Scholars Award                  $9000

Westin Ritchie                                        Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Brandon Simoniette                               Tech Prep Scholarship                            $1000

Alyssa Westfall                                       Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Nathaniel Wigal                                      Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Devin Winstanley                                   Tech Prep Scholarship                            $1000

Waterford High School

Alyssa Doak                                             Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Aliyah Lada                                             Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Olivia McCutcheon                                  Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Isabella Strahler                                      Washington Scholars Award                  $9000

Wirt County High School

Madison Cogar                                        Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Michael Grishaber                                  Dean's Scholarship                                 $2000

Kassidy Root                                           Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Wood County Christian School

Ryder Davis                                             Presidential Scholarship                         $4000

Joyce McSherry                                       Presidential Scholarship                         $4000