Foundation Scholarship Event

MARIETTA, OHIO (SEPTEMBER 27, 2017)—The Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) Foundation recently recognized 53 students as recipients of $50,000 thousand in scholarship support.

Held in the newly renovated commons area, scholars and donors had the opportunity meet one another and make a more personal connection during a reception prior to the award ceremony.

“Many of our scholars would not be where they are today without the financial assistance provided through our scholarships,” commented Anna Rittenhouse executive director of the WSCO Foundation. “Our donors truly change lives through their generosity and support of our Scholarship Program.”

Among the evening’s speakers was Dr. Mark Nutter, WSCO’s VP of Academic Affairs. He acknowledged the uniqueness of those in attendance, specifically those who support the scholarships. “It’s out of the ordinary to see donors, individuals, businesses, and organizations step up and say ‘I want to invest in the future. And I’m going to do that by setting up scholarships and recognizing students for their effort. I want to pay it forward.’ Many people don’t take time to do that,” he affirmed.

To learn more about how you can establish a scholarship at WSCO, please contact Foundation Executive Director Anna Rittenhouse at 740-568-1940 or at

The Washington State College of Ohio Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation administered by a Board of Directors composed of community leaders and institutional representatives. Gifts made to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and are used exclusively to support the College’s mission, its programs, and its students.

For more than 45 years, Washington State College of Ohio has provided residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley the opportunity to realize dreams, to enhance skills, and to broaden understanding. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or an adult student looking to move your life in a new direction, Washington State has the classes to suit your needs. For more information about Washington State College of Ohio, visit or call 740.374.8716.

WSCO Foundation Scholarship Recipients:
Stacie Arnold-Graysville, Ohio
David Barnes-Parkersburg, WV
Tara Barton-Coolville, Ohio
Dee Beck-Marietta, Ohio
Jacob Binegar-Little Hocking, Ohio
Cali Binegar-Marietta, Ohio
Michal Booth-Marietta, Ohio
Samantha Brinager-Racine, Ohio
Cameron Brindo-Mineral Wells, Ohio
Kelsey Clark-Parkersburg, WV
Stephanie Cremeans-Waterford, Ohio
Austin Davis-Stockport, Ohio
Buffie Durham-Marietta, Ohio
Nichole Farson-Racine, Ohio
Jordan Fisher-Racine, Ohio
Kera Fordyce-Walker, WV
Becca Giffin-Marietta, Ohio
Amanda Gleason-Lower Salem, Ohio
Josh Guiler-Lower Salem, Ohio
Kristen Hanes-Marietta, Ohio
Katie Hendrickson-Belpre, Ohio
Miranda Holsinger-Coolville, Ohio
Bobby Hoover-Byesville, Ohio
Marcy Huffman-Marietta, Ohio
Courtney Huhn-Byesville, Ohio
Misty Kelly-Parkersburg, WV
Elizabeth King-Marietta, Ohio
Abigail Litman-Marietta, Ohio
Mandalyn Ludtman-Marietta, Ohio
Tiffany Marshall-Graysville, Ohio
Rebecca Mullans-Parkersburg, WV
Alyssa Pratt-Walker, WV
Michelle Reeves-Belle Valley, Ohio
Ariel Riggs-Little Hocking, Ohio
Nicole Robertson-Lower Salem, Ohio
Sydney Roseland-Little Hocking, Ohio
Gracie Roush-Coolville, Ohio
Michael Rowland-Waterford, Ohio
Scott Schofield-Marietta, Ohio
Deidre Smith-Amesville, Ohio
David Smith-Cutler, Ohio
Cameron Sparkman-Marietta
Alea Starcher-Parkersburg, WV
Brittany Stevens-Marietta, Ohio
Leithon Stewart-Beverly, Ohio
Teddie Stewart-Reedsville, OH
Jasmine Tabler-Marietta, Ohio
Brittany Tipton-Vincent, Ohio
Dominic Uribe-Pomeroy, Ohio
Breeana Valles-Coolville, Ohio
Sara Walker-McConnelsville, Ohio
Jason Williams-Vincent, Ohio