front facade of WSCO main building

MARIETTA, OHIO (May 30, 2017)–Washington State College of Ohio is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President’s and Dean’s lists for the 2017 Spring semester.

These outstanding scholastic achievements are earned by students who carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) to receive President’s List honors or a minimum 3.5 – 3.9 GPA for Dean’s List recognition. Congratulations to these 224 students. We, at WSCO, look forward to your continued strides toward greatness.

For more than 45 years, Washington State College of Ohio has fueled the community’s future through education. We work to make a positive impact by providing opportunities for growth. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or an adult student looking to enrich your life, we cultivate pathways to guide you toward future growth. Be inspired. Be WSCO. For more information about Washington State College of Ohio, visit or call 740.374.8716.

Grace Allen Parkersburg, WV
Jon Anderson II Marietta, OH
Zachary Barnes Marietta, OH
Dee Beck Marietta, OH
Ceianna Bennett Belpre, OH
Samantha Bennett Rockport, WV
Cali Binegar Marietta, OH
Adam Bowers Belpre, OH
Zackery Burner Parkersburg, WV
Kacee Deer Marietta, OH
McKenzie Dietz Beverly, OH
Garreth Durst Ripley, WV
Laken Dye Marietta, OH
Colleen Elfline Marietta, OH
Brianna Elkins Belpre, OH
Erin Evans Caldwell, OH
Nichole Farson Barnesville, OH
Alex Flesher Marietta, OH
Allen Frank Belpre, OH
Makayla Frye Marietta, OH
Lindsey Furr Summerfield, OH
Emily Geogerian Marietta, OH
Alyse Giffin Williamstown, WV
Grace Grammer Marietta, OH
Hannah Grosel Marietta, OH
Jason Heiss Beverly, OH
Hannah Hensley Sandyville, WV
Creighton Henthorn Parkersburg, WV
Kaylee Higgins Vincent, OH
James Hoban Marietta, OH
Bobby Hoover Byesville, OH
Heather Housel Sistersville, WV
Marcy Huffman Marietta, OH
Melissa Hupp Newport, OH
Jean James Marietta, OH
Ashley Johnson Marietta, OH
Hannah Jones Clarington, OH
Donald Jox Waterford, OH
Zackary Kehl Lower Salem, OH
Amanda Kelsey Marietta, OH
Maeve Kennedy Marietta, OH
Elizabeth King Marietta, OH
Megan Kralovic Belpre, OH
Ryan Lamp Newport, OH
Lucas Lang Lowell, OH
John Lantz Coolville, OH
Josiah Leggett Cutler, OH
Alexis Lincoln Marietta, OH
Korinna Long Caldwell, OH
Aaron Lopreste Marietta, OH
Nicholas Mackey Reno, OH
Lyndsey Marshall Marietta, OH
Kelby Martin Newport, OH
Jenna Maston Newport, OH
Dayna McDougle Lowell, OH
Marvin Meade Vincent, OH
Kelly Middleton Belpre, OH
Caileigh Moore Caldwell, OH
Rebecca Mullans Parkersburg, WV
Lucas Phillips Lower Salem, OH
Ronald Plummer Belpre, OH
Jared Rackowitz Williamstown, WV
Mallory Roe Quaker City, OH
Caleb Sargent Marietta, OH
Heidi Schob Vincent, OH
Margaret Smendziuk Caldwell, OH
Deidre Smith Amesville, OH
Joseph Sohn Marietta, OH
Amanda Staten Athens, OH
Teddie Stewart Reedsville, OH
Arizona Stewart Lowell, OH
Stephanie Sunderman Newport, OH
Colton Sunderman Vincent , OH
Lindsay Thompson Vincent, OH
Sara Walker McConnelsville, OH
Amber Williams Summerfield, OH
Kellar Windland Belpre, OH
William Wright Parkersburg, WV
Kelsey Adkins Beverly, OH
Meghan Anderson Marietta, OH
Meghan Anderson Marietta, OH
Matthew Argabright Marietta, OH
Christian Austin Marietta, OH
Ashley Ball Byesville, OH
Andrew Banziger Little Hocking, OH
Hannah Barringer Reedsville, OH
Tara Barton Coolville, OH
Autumn Benton Marietta, OH
Cody Blair Graysville, OH
Machelle Blankenship Vincent, OH
Jared Bloomfield Lowell, OH
Michal Booth Marietta, OH
Benjamin Bowers Whipple, OH
Joel Bricker Marietta, OH
Chase Brundige Belpre, OH
Kendra Butcher Harrisville, WV
Emily Camp Lowell, OH
Benjamin Carlsen Vincent, OH
Scott Carpenter Belpre, OH
Amanda Chalfant Marietta, OH
Levi Childers Marietta, OH
Kelly Cleveland Marietta, OH
Madison Cooper Belpre, OH
Daniel Copenhaver Marietta, OH
Cassandra Crouser Little Hocking, OH
Brooke Daniell Belpre, OH
Taylor Davis Marietta, OH
Elena Donnelly Marietta, OH
Jeremy Dotson Cutler, OH
Buffie Durham Marietta, OH
Kelsey Eagle Parkersburg, WV
Richard Enoch Leroy, WV
Juleighanna Feldner Caldwell, OH
Paige Ferguson Caldwell, OH
Andrew Fisher Coolville, OH
Stephanie Flanagan Marietta, OH
Stephanie Flanagan Marietta, OH
Shawna Ford Marietta, OH
Kera Fordyce Walker, WV
Kendrick Foreman Vincent, OH
Crystal-lee Gagnon Belpre, OH
Jessica Gearhart Marietta, OH
Scott Gillian Coolville, OH
Reilee Gillman Caldwell, OH
Abigail Grayson Stockport, OH
Lisa Gregory Marietta, OH
Kyle Gregory Beverly, OH
Joshua Guiler Lower Salem, OH
Kristen Hanes Marietta, OH
Jonie Haught Newport, OH
Christina Helm Vincent, OH
Kristen Hill Marietta, OH
Gage Holland Marietta, OH
Heather Holland Marietta, OH
Abigael Huffman Waterford, OH
Elayna Jacobs Marietta, OH
Harold Johnson Belpre, OH
Nathan Justinian-Bank Marietta, OH
Catherine Kelly Marietta, OH
Alexandria Kincaid Lowell, OH
Sierra Kirby Caldwell, OH
Carrie Lamp Newport, OH
Mason Lang Lowell, OH
Kaitlyn Leach Belpre, OH
Cady Lenington Marietta, OH
David Lincoln Belpre, OH
Tori Lowers Little Hocking, OH
Kayla Masters Marietta, OH
Dana McClead Mineral Wells, WV
Anne McFarland Vienna, WV
Austyn McVicar Marietta, OH
Damon Metheney New Matamoras, OH
Katrina Miller Lewisville, OH
Sylvia Norton Marietta, OH
Eric Omietanski Marietta, OH
Melissa Packer Vienna, WV
Rodney Paige McConnelsville, OH
Tyler Palmer Marietta, OH
Tyler Palmer Marietta, OH
Suzanne Paugh Whipple, OH
Lauren Pegg Marietta, OH
Angela Phillips Cutler, OH
Jessica Phillips Cutler, OH
Wendy Pineda-Gonzalez Lower Salem, OH
Tara Plaugher Marietta, OH
Alyssa Pratt Walker , WV
Adam Reeder Washington, WV
Lauren Reynolds Stockport, OH
Rachael Rhodes Marietta, OH
Cody Ridgway Chester , OH
Andrea Riley Long Bottom, OH
Jamie Roberts Cutler, OH
Gracie Roush Coolville, OH
Sarah Saho Marietta, OH
Mattea Schockling Caldwell, OH
Chelsey Schott Whipple, OH
Katrina Schwendeman Waterford, OH
Skyler Secrest Marietta , OH
Kelsey Short Parkersburg, WV
Nicole Stone Coolville, OH
Trevor Sunderman Vincent, OH
Ethan Taylor Pennsboro , WV
Amanda Terry Cutler, OH
Courtney Thompson Marietta, OH
Dakota Thompson Belpre, OH
Megan Tornes Lowell, OH
Jacob Wagner Marietta, OH
Adam Walker Waterford, OH
Megan Warner Lowell, OH
Jacob Williams Logan, OH
Lloyd Wilson Marietta, OH
Lloyd Wilson Marietta, OH
Lloyd Wilson Marietta, OH
Megan Wine Little Hocking, OH
Jonathan Wood Marietta, OH
Paiten Wotring Little Hocking, OH
Mason Yost Ellenboro, WV