Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) is pleased to recognize the 256 students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the Fall 2023 semester.

MARIETTA, OHIO —Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) is pleased to recognize the 256 students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the Fall 2023 semester.

“Congratulations to these students for their academic accomplishment,” said Dean of Student Success Kathy Temple Miller. “This list is comprised of a wide array of our students, both traditional and adult learners, many of whom are working and balancing responsibilities at home. They do this all while maintaining high academic standards for themselves. A place on one of these lists is truly something to be celebrated.”

Students must be enrolled full-time with a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) to receive President's List honors or a minimum 3.5 - 3.9 GPA for Dean's List recognition.


Miah Allen—Vincent, OH
Grant Anthony—Belpre, OH
Tori Aronhalt—Parkersburg, WV
Alison Barnhart—Marietta, OH
Amelia Becker—Marietta, OH
Mary Bee—Marietta, OH
Riley Bettinger—Caldwell, OH
Tanner Boswell—Waterford, OH
Hadyn Brown—Friendly, WV
Arianna Buckley—Coolville, OH
Alexandria Bunner—Vienna, WV
Bayleigh Burdette—Stafford, OH
Anthony Candelaria—Spokane Valley, WA
Kalyn Cochran—New Matamoras, OH
Bridget Crock—Marietta, OH
Trystan Crocker—Corvallis, OR
Jericha Cuthbertson—Marietta, OH
Ashley Dalrymple—Marietta, OH
Wyatt Deem—Little Hocking, OH
Lane Demchak—Woodsfield, OH
Lisa Duskey—Elizabeth, WV
Jacey English—Lewisville, OH
Kyra English—Lewisville, OH
Holly Enyart—Middleport, OH
Rachel Farris—Marietta, OH
Jacob Feldner—Caldwell, OH
Emily Felter—Stockport, OH
Jason Folts—Marietta, OH
Westin Forshey—Caldwell, OH
Lillian Franchino—Waterford, OH
Ava Gebczyk—Marietta, OH
Sydney Gentry—Marietta, OH
Bethany Green—Williamstown, WV
Kacy Hahn—Belpre, OH
Dominic Hand—Belpre, OH
Helena Hardy—Marietta, OH
Brady Harlan—Sardis, OH
Deanna Harlow—Fleming, OH
Marguerite Harris—Belpre, OH
Alexis Harvey—Marietta, OH
Tyler Hoon—Vincent, OH
Shianna Howard—Cambridge, OH
Ava Huck—Beverly, OH
Owen Huck—Waterford, OH
Sebastian Huck—Beverly, OH
Tess Huffman—Marietta, OH
Arwyn Hunt—Athens, OH
Isaiah Hutchings—Lowell, OH
Sophia Hutchinson—Marietta, OH
Jessilyn Kiggans—St. Marys, WV
Gavin Kitts—Amesville, OH
Izak Knighten—Marietta, OH
Grace Knowlton—Newport, OH
Taylor Laipply—Macksburg, OH
Kylie Lamm—Marietta, OH
Carrie Lamp—New Matamoras, OH
Jack Lane—Little Hocking, OH
Leigha Lauer—Marietta, OH
Denise Lee—Marietta, OH
Haddon Lockyer—Marietta, OH
Samantha Losey—Williamstown, WV
Breanna Lowe—Williamstown, WV
Isabel Macatol—Marietta, OH
Lainee Mace—Millstone, WV
Aaron Macke—Belpre, OH
Jaden Martin—Vincent, OH
Evan Masselli—Marietta, OH
Michael Mayes—Belpre, OH
Brianna Mayle—Stockport, OH
Jonathan Mazariego—Marietta, OH
Spencer McCardle—New Martinsville, WV
Kalei McGlumphy—Marietta, OH
Aubrey McIntire—Beverly, OH
Jacey McKnight—Marietta, OH
Ella Mendenhall—Newport, OH
Dillon Miller—Sardis, OH
Ashley Nedeff—Parkersburg, WV
Savannah Offenberger—Newport, OH
Caleb Ogdin—Racine, OH
Nicole Oldfield—Marietta, OH
Bella Padovini—Marietta, OH
Lauren Paskawych—Marietta, OH
Josie Perkins—Caldwell, OH
Benjamin Pfeiffer—Marietta, OH
Hannah Pickens—Cutler, OH
Mattie Pierson—Marietta, OH
Derrick Plaugher—Reno, OH
Ashur Pritchett—Stockport, OH
Lukas Reed—Reno, OH
Hanna Richmond—Belpre, OH
Matthew Riddle—Sistersville, WV
Ezekiel Rinard—New Matamoras, OH
Angelina Roby—Belpre, OH
Philip Sammons—Vincent, OH
Morgan Sampson—Waterford, OH
Owen Sanders—Marietta, OH
Stephanie Satterfield—St.Marys, WV
Isaac Schommer—Belpre, OH
Traci Schwendeman—Marietta, OH
Gage Setterstrom—Marietta, OH
Heather Shilling—Lower Salem, OH
Steven Shockley—Sardis, OH
Aubrey Simms—Marietta, OH
Lindsey Smith—Belle Valley, OH
Avery Smithberger—Beverly, OH
Ethan Snyder—Newport, OH
Nathan Sprague—Marietta, OH
Lucille Spung—Beverly, OH
Sarah Strode—Washington, WV
Michael Terry—Fairmont, WV
Derek Theobald—Marietta, OH
Ella Timberlake—Caldwell, OH
Kenzley Urban—Marietta, OH
Lindsey VanPelt—Fleming, OH
Aydan Vaughan—Little Hocking, OH
Ryan Vaughn—Parkersburg, WV
Natalie Vincent—Vincent, OH
Avery Wagner—Waterford, OH
Josiah Ware—Waterford, OH
Danielle Warner—Paden City, WV
Kassandra Webb—Cardington, OH
Bobbie Welch—Little Hocking, OH
Isabella Wilcoxen —Belleville, WV
Ryleigh Winland—Graysville, OH
Ian Withers—Caldwell, OH
Tobey Witschey—Athens, OH
Addison Wolfe—Lowell, OH
Gage Wolfert—Marietta, OH
Corey Wotring—Little Hocking, OH
Misty Yohn—Parkersburg, WV


Andrea Adams—Washington, WV
Julie Albright—Walker, WV
Alexa Allen—New Matamoras, OH
Alex Allphin—Belpre, OH
Zoe Arnold—Belmont, WV
Alyssa Baker—Marietta, OH
Zachary Bartlett—Marietta, OH
Ben Bauserman—Marietta, OH
Angela Bennett—Parkersburg, WV
Breanna Beverage—Mineral Wells, WV
Kathryn Bond—Little Hocking, OH
Blake Borling—New Matamoras, OH
Carter Brooker—Beverly, OH
Carla Brooks—Marietta, OH
Kaitlyn Brown—Belpre, OH
Kyndall Buchanan—Lower Salem, OH
Madison Butler—Marietta, OH
Tyler Cafego—Vienna, WV
Christopher Carter—Palestine, WV
Easton Childress—Belpre, OH
Carter Cox—Little Hocking, OH
Nevaeh Craft—Marietta, OH
Jacob Craven—Marietta, OH
Sheri Cummins—Racine, OH
Regan Curry—Vincent, OH
Makailah Custred—Parkersburg, WV
Brock Davis—Pennsboro, WV
Nicole Davis—Washington, WV
Larissa Dearth—Newport, OH
Easton DePuy—Caldwell, OH
Joseph Drum—Lewisville, OH
Caitlin Dyar—Belpre, OH
Coen Eddy—Marietta, OH
Colton Eddy—Little Hocking, OH
Kendall Eddy—Wingett Run, OH
Melissa Edgell—Marietta, OH
Christian Evanoff—Lowell, OH
Jessica Evanoff—Lowell, OH
Caden Gebczyk—Marietta, OH
Guinn Gregory—Vienna, WV
Nancy Gutberlet—Marietta, OH
Webb Hall—Marietta, OH
Emily Hammer—McConnelsville, OH
Elaina Hamrick—Waterford, OH
Christina Hardbarger—Auburn, WV
Haley Hatcher—Belpre, OH
Caitlyn Hayes—Sistersville, WV
Aiden Hill—Racine, OH
Rylan Holt—Marietta, OH
Aidan Hopkins—Wingett Run, OH
Jenna Jackson—Marietta, OH
Ashlynn Jarvis—Stewart, OH
Nadia Jones—Lowell, OH
Hallie Kane—Durbin, WV
Reagan Karcher—Marietta, OH
Taylor Karcher—Marietta, OH
Xaiden Kearns—Waterford, OH
Jessica Knick—McConnelsville, OH
Nicole Kuhn—Marietta, OH
Amy LaBarre—Marietta, OH
Anastassja Lannigan—Marietta, OH
Tyler Layman—St. Marys, WV
Steven Lee—Marietta, OH
Kylee Lewis—Walker, WV
Eudora Lough—Sistersville, WV
Ryan Lynch—Harrisville, WV
Jasmine Marshall —Graysville, OH
Ashlen Martin—Newport, OH
Hannah McClain—Little Hocking, OH
Henry McCombs—Marietta, OH
Grant McCutcheon—Waterford, OH
Antonio McDonald—Little Hocking, OH
Traevon McDonald—Belpre, OH
Jessica McKinney—Elizabeth, WV
Frederick McKitrick—Reno, OH
Max McMillin—Malta, OH
Ryleigh Moore—Belpre, OH
Shavon Moore—Marietta, OH
Mackenzie Nelson—Little Hocking, OH
Tyler Noel—Marietta, OH
Amber Nolan—Sistersville, WV
Kaitlyn Novotny—Marietta, OH
Keith Parker—Little Hocking, OH
Hunter Parks—Caldwell, OH
Ben Perry—Nelsonville, OH
Adam Pierce—Bolivar, OH
Kelsha Pierce—Athens, OH
Austin Pittman—Woodsfield, OH
Alexandria Raber—Parkersburg, WV
Matthew Rasmussen—Belpre, OH
Rheagan Rector—Lowell, OH
Hunter Reese—Parkersburg, WV
Mitchell Rehl—Marietta, OH
Reese Richards—Vincent, OH
Olivia Rinard—Williamstown, WV
Madison Ritchie—Marietta, OH
Megan Roach—Marietta, OH
Madison Roberts—Marietta, OH
Tonya Robertson—Vienna, WV
Wyatt Rolston—Elizabeth, WV
Jenna Saling—Marietta, OH
James Sams—Marietta, OH
Sarah Sanderson—Williamstown, WV
Breanna Schoonover—Parkersburg, WV
Samantha Simpson—Waterford, OH
Jazmyne Singer—Cutler, OH
Hailie Speaks—Marietta, OH
Stacy Stalder—Athens, OH
Preston Stamp—New Matamoras, OH
Elaina Stiers—Marietta, OH
Cali Swartz—Newport, OH
Hayleigh Thompson—Reno, OH
Austin Treadway—Marietta, OH
Galilea Trujillo—Marietta, OH
Julia Tucker—Marietta, OH
Mark Tucker—Parkersburg, WV
Isaac Ventura—Marietta, OH
Maquelah Walker—Newport, OH
Emalie Warfield—Washington, WV
Jaxon Weaver—Little Hocking, OH
Lillian Westbrock—Marietta, OH
Alyssa Westfall—Cutler, OH
Donavon Wheeler—Marietta, OH
William Wheeler—Marietta, OH
Rebecca Williams—Vincent, OH
Gabriella Wojcik—Marietta, OH