WSCO Commencement 2021

MARIETTA, OHIO— Washington State College of Ohio will celebrate the class of 2021 during its commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 15. In total, the college will confer 267 associate degrees and 101 one-year certificates to 323 graduates. Included in the graduating class are 48 College Credit Plus high school seniors.

Trinity Abicht—Marietta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Virginia Alltop—Elizabeth, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Jack Alvarez—Marietta, OH—Accounting Technology

Jack Alvarez—Marietta, OH—Accounting Certificate

Erica Amos—Williamstown, WV—Respiratory Therapy Technology

Meghan Anderson—Marietta, OH—Radiologic Technology

Abigail Angle—Stockport, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Alison Arocho—Marietta, OH—Business Management Technology

Kelsey Ash—Marietta, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Summer Athey—Whipple, OH—Social Services Technology

Colton Bailey—Vienna, WV—Automotive Technician Certificate

Gabrielle Ball—Marietta, OH—Health and Wellness Technology

Elisha Barnes—Marietta, OH—Associate of Individualized Study

Laura Barnes—Marietta, OH—Medical Administrative Assistant

Laura Barnes—Marietta, OH—Medical Coding Certificate

Mary Barth—Lowell, OH—Social Services Technology

Allison Bates—Beverly, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Rachel Bauer—The Plains, OH—Accounting Certificate

Faith Bauerbach—Tuppers Plains, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Joseph Baum—Marietta, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

Rachel Baumgard—Cutler, OH—Medical Administrative Assistant

Rachel Baumgard—Cutler, OH—Medical Coding Certificate

Sarah Beardmore—Marietta, OH—Social Services Technology

Lisa Beeler—Marietta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Miranda Beha—Marietta, OH—Medical Laboratory Technology

Matthew Belcher—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Madelynn Bennett—St. Marys, WV—Medical Coding Certificate

Matthew Bertram—Marietta, OH—Criminal Justice Technology

Aaron Betzing—Marietta, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Cecilia Bieber—Belpre, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Kesselyn Bigley—Whipple, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Ashton Binegar—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Sandra Bishop—Belpre, OH—Medical Coding Certificate

Christopher Bissell—Long Bottom, OH—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Andrew Bleakley—St. Marys, WV—Massage Therapy Certificate

Hannah Blevins—Vincent, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Colin Boker—Marietta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Kathryn Bowers—Parkersburg, WV—Health and Wellness Technology

Gwendolyn Brammer—Marietta, OH—Accounting Certificate

Colt Brand—Parkersburg, WV—Health and Wellness Technology

William Brannan—Belpre, OH—Automotive Technician Certificate

Jacob Brannon—Elizabeth, WV—Automotive Technology - Diesel Truck Systems

Alexis Brookover—Newport, OH—Radiologic Technology

Logan Brookover—Newport, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Chantel Brown—Marietta, OH—Social Services Technology

Donald Brown—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Rikki Brown—Woodsfield, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Thomas Buckland—Parkersburg, WV—Industrial Technology - Welding

Thomas Buckland—Parkersburg, WV—Welding Certificate

Tara Burdette—Marietta, OH—Social Services Technology

Sydra Burke—Lowell, OH—Business Management Technology

Jaylin Burris—Caldwell, OH—Business Administration Transfer

Katelyn Butcher—Racine, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Nichole Butcher—Marietta, OH—Executive Administrative Assistant

Nichole Butcher—Marietta, OH—Executive Office Support Certificate

Cameron Camp—Lowell, OH—Health and Wellness Technology

Christiana Cantrell—Belpre, OH—Social Services Technology

Johnathon Carpenter—Dexter City, OH—Accounting Technology

Johnathon Carpenter—Dexter City, OH—Accounting Certificate

Tyler Carsey—Marietta, OH—Business Management Technology

Hannah Casto—Parkersburg, WV—Medical Laboratory Technology

Natalie Casto—Parkersburg, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Ashley Chittum—Parkersburg, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Amanda Clark—Dexter City, OH—Medical Coding Certificate

Elisha Constable-McAtee—Vincent, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Samantha Conter—Beverly, OH—Health and Wellness Technology

Erin Cooper—Vienna, WV—Automotive Technician Certificate

Marsha Cox—Parkersburg, WV—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Alexandria Crouse—Jerusalem, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

Erika Cunningham—Coolville, OH—Executive Office Support Certificate

Corby Curtis—Graysville, OH—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Tiphanie Damon—Belpre, OH—Biological Science Transfer

Michael Daniels—Parkersburg, WV—Industrial Technology - Process Technician

Dezerae Davis—Waverly, WV—Respiratory Therapy Technology

Dezerae Davis—Waverly, WV—Health and Wellness Technology

Kamryn Davis—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Erica Dawson—Marietta, OH—Radiologic Technology

Francis Delancy —Newport, OH—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Tyler Della Maggiore—Stockport, OH—Criminal Justice Technology

Hailey Devolld—Sarahsville, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Sydney Diddle—Racine, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Matthew Dixon—Washington, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Hunter Douglas—Lowell, OH—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Andrew Drobina—Malta, OH—Accounting Technology

Andrew Drobina—Malta, OH—Accounting Certificate

Hannah Duff—Marietta, OH—Business Administration Transfer

Karlee Duffey—Marietta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Patricia Duffey—Caldwell, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Courtney Dugan—Parkersburg, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Hannah Dunfee—Coolville, OH—Accounting Technology

Payten Dye—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Caden Eddy—Little Hocking, OH—Business Management Technology

Keely Edwards—Caldwell, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

Kelly Erb—Belpre, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Kelly Erb—Belpre, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Mary Estes—Fleming, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Kristina Everson—Beverly, OH—Medical Coding Certificate

Allison Farnen—Marietta, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Jared Farnsworth—Newport, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Raegan Feldner—Caldwell, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Seth Felton—New Matamoras, OH—Criminal Justice Technology

Daniel Ferguson—Marietta, OH—Accounting Technology

Mikayla Fleak—Williamstown, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Elizabeth Fletcher—Belpre, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Justin Fought—Coolville, OH—Accounting Certificate

Ethan Fouty—Belpre, OH—Chemical Operator Certificate

Justin Fouty—Washington, WV—Truck Maintenance Certificate

Kayla Fry—Fleming, OH—Criminal Justice Technology

Calvin Fulton—Athens, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

Kyler Gage—Cutler, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Lauren Gainer—Parkersburg, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Samantha Gainer—Belpre, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Samantha Gainer—Belpre, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Madison Galloway—Beverly, OH—Social Services Transfer

Madison Gebhart—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Reece Gerber—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Whitney Gerichten—Parkersburg, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Jessica Gherke—Parkersburg, WV—General Sciences Transfer

Nancy Glidden—Caldwell, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Madelyn Goff—Parkersburg, WV—Business Management Technology

Moriah Gonzalez—Marietta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Issiah Grady—Mineral Wells, WV—Automotive Technology - Diesel Truck Systems

Gabrielle Graham—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Dayton Green—McConnelsville, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Tyler Grose—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Nondyce Gulick—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Jacob Gutberlet—Reno, OH—Business Administration Transfer

April Hackney—Marietta, OH—Business Administration Transfer

Christopher Hammat—Marietta, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Robert Hampton—Marietta, OH—Accounting Certificate

Julia Hamrick—Little Hocking, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Jessica Handschumacher—Vincent, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Kelley Hannigan—Belpre, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Kayla Harnage—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

DeLaney Harper—Cutler, OH—Education Transfer - Early Years

Grant Harper—Cutler, OH—Criminal Justice Technology

Madalyn Harper—Lowell, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Madalyn Harper—Lowell, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Savannah Hart—Belpre, OH—Radiologic Technology

Paige Hartley—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Lindsey Hartline—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

David Hastings—Williamstown, WV—Computer Systems Certificate

Lyndsay Haugh—Vienna, WV—Executive Office Support Certificate

Emily Haught—Reedsville, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Nicholas Haught—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Nicole Haught—Newport, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Evelyn Hawkins—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Levi Hays—Vienna, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Amber Heiss—Marietta, OH—Accounting Certificate

Amanda Hendershot—Parkersburg, WV—Massage Therapy Certificate

John Henke—Marietta, OH—Digital Technology - Computer Support Technician

Addison Herb—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Andrew Herrod—Parkersburg, WV—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Abigail Hiener—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Abigail Hiener—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Michelle Hildebrand—Belpre, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Cloe Hill—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Derek Hill—Little Hocking, OH—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Desiree Hinkle—Shadyside, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

Mariah Hinton—Marietta, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

Joseph Holdren—Newport, OH—Welding Certificate

Amber Holland—Coolville, OH—Respiratory Therapy Technology

Shannon Holt—Sarahsville, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Brayden Holter—Long Bottom, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Shayla Honaker—Pomeroy, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Kara Hopkins—Stockport, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

Mindy Horn—Caldwell, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Addie Huffman—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Michelle Hunt—Cutler, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Eli Hunter—Racine, OH—Radiologic Technology

Connor Hurley—Belpre, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Alyssa Hutchinson—Belpre, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Whitney Ingram—Marietta, OH—Business Management Technology

Harmony Izaguirre—Parkersburg, WV—Medical Laboratory Technology

Bailey Jackson—Newport, OH—Education Transfer - Early Years

Kayla Jackson—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Daphne Jeffrey—Parkersburg, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Jansen Jeffrey—Parkersburg, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Kelsey Johnson—Coolville, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Rickey Johnson—Belpre, OH—Industrial Technology - Process Technician

Rickey Johnson—Belpre, OH—Chemical Operator Certificate

Stratton Johnson—Marietta, OH—Welding Certificate

Ashley Keener—Parkersburg, WV—Medical Laboratory Technology

Jeanette Keith—Le Roy, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Donald Kelly—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Mikenna Kemper—Little Hocking, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Kiara Kennedy—Chesterhill, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

Tyler Kerns—Little Hocking, OH—Business Administration Transfer

Ashton Kilbarger—Concord, NC—Cyber Security and Investigation

Ashley Kimes—Caldwell, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Hayden Kitts—Amesville, OH—Business Administration Transfer

Josie Knight—Parkersburg, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Gerald Lafferre—Parkersburg, WV—Medical Laboratory Technology

Christopher Lamp—Lower Salem, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Micayla Lamp—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Adrienne Lang —Waterford, OH—Medical Administrative Assistant

Adrienne Lang —Waterford, OH—Medical Coding Certificate

Ashley Langsdorf—Sardis, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Bethany Lanham—Parkersburg, WV—Health and Wellness Technology

Jacob Lanham—Pennsboro, WV—Automotive Technology - Diesel Truck Systems

Gretchen Lankford—Lowell, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Michael Leggett—Pennsboro, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Taylor Lemasters—Marietta, OH—Business Management Technology

Shoshanna Lemon—Parkersburg, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Rhowyn Lennon—Saginaw, MI—Health and Wellness Technology

Allyson Lewis—Belpre, OH—Business Management Technology

Rylan Lewis—Parkersburg, WV—Respiratory Therapy Technology

Shay Linder—Mineral Wells, WV—Medical Coding Certificate

Allison Lisk—Marietta, OH—Social Services Transfer

Cody Lisk—Fleming, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Leanna Longfellow—Reno, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Logan Loudin—Sistersville, WV—Truck Maintenance Certificate

Breanna Lowe—Williamstown, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Julie Mace—Washington, WV—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Walter Mace—Cutler, OH—Chemical Operator Certificate

Ally Mack—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Gabrielle Mackey—Belpre, OH—Medical Laboratory Technology

Hunter Mahoney—Beverly, OH—Criminal Justice Technology

Heather Marks—Parkersburg, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Tyler Marks—Little Hocking, OH—Associate of Individualized Study

Logan Marshall—Williamstown, WV—Chemical Operator Certificate

Kenneth Martin—Caldwell, OH—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Tyler Martin—Vienna, WV—Mechanical Engineering Technology

Daelynn Matheney—Malta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Deann Matuska—Toronto, OH—Industrial Technology - Process Technician

Brayden McConnell—Vincent, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Jack McGee—Parkersburg, WV—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Jeremy McGill—Marietta, OH—Digital Technology - Computer Support Technician

Jeremy McGill—Marietta, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Jedidiah McGirr—Little Hocking, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Cara McIntosh—Lowell, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Delaney McMenamin—Canal Winchester, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Jessie McPeek—Vienna, WV—Respiratory Therapy Technology

Sara Metheney—Beverly, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Ashley Milhoan—Parkersburg, WV—Criminal Justice Technology

Kathy Miller—Belpre, OH—Associate of Individualized Study

Hope Miracle—Marietta, OH—Medical Laboratory Technology

Jason Montague—Portland, OH—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Toria Moore—Parkersburg, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Olivia Moretto—Newport, OH—Criminal Justice Technology

Haylee Morgan—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Nicole Morris—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Brandan Murphy—Newport, OH—Associate of Individualized Study

Chase Myers—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Cira Myers—Malta, OH—Respiratory Therapy Technology

Mackenzie Myers—Marietta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Sara Nau—Marietta, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Beth Nelson—Parkersburg, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Vincent Nerone—Marietta, OH—Massage Therapy Certificate

McKenzie Newman—New Martinsville, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Hallie Northrop—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Bailey Null—Belpre , OH—Business Administration Transfer

Amanda O'Brien—Marietta, OH—Accounting Technology

Elaine Opper—Byesville, OH—Medical Laboratory Technology

Gavin Ott—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Andrea Parks—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Jackie Parrish—Belpre, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Olivia Paugstat—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Hannah Payne—Parkersburg, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Jackson Petty—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Ryan Pickrell—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Bailey Putnam—Coolville, OH—Electrical Engineering Technology - ICE

Terry Rataiczak—Marietta, OH—Digital Technology - Computer Support Technician

Terry Rataiczak—Marietta, OH—Computer Systems Certificate

Joseph Rehm—Marietta, OH—Digital Technology - Computer Support Technician

Mitchell Reynolds—Marietta, OH—Criminal Justice Technology

Brady Rhodes—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Jaycie Richards—Whipple, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Paul Richards—Marietta, OH—Automotive Technology - Automotive Service

Paul Richards—Marietta, OH—Automotive Technician Certificate

Paul Richards—Marietta, OH—Automotive Technology - Diesel Truck Systems

Owen Richardson—Vincent, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Cody Ridgway—Pomeroy, OH—Radiologic Technology

Christopher Ritchie—Lowell, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Matthew Robinson—Middleport, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Quinton Rockhold—Marietta, OH—Industrial Technology - Process Technician

Quinton Rockhold—Marietta, OH—Chemical Operator Certificate

Kylie Rohal—Woodsfield, OH—Business Management Technology

Katie Rollins—Smithville, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Kelly Rollins—Vienna, WV—Associate of Individualized Study

Kevin Ross—New Matamoras, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Chandler Rowley—Little Hocking, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Megan Rucker—Malta, OH—Health and Wellness Technology

Morgan Smith—Parkersburg, WV—Medical Coding Certificate

Ronald Salazar—Marietta, OH—Business Management Technology

Megan Saling—Dexter City, OH—Medical Administrative Assistant

Megan Saling—Dexter City, OH—Medical Coding Certificate

Kylee Sampson—Williamstown, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Mya Sauls—Lowell, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Andrew Schindler—Parkersburg, WV—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Hunter Schrader—Fleming, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Chastity Schultz —Saint Marys, WV—Medical Coding Certificate

Brandon Semon—Waverly, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Hannah Shears—Mineral Wells, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Madison Shuman—Belpre, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Gloria Sisson—Middleport, OH—Cyber Security and Investigation

Marshall Sloter—Vincent, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Dawn Smith—Parkersburg, WV—Liberal Arts Transfer

Jessica Smith—Parkersburg, WV—Medical Laboratory Technology

Sheldon Smith—Belpre, OH—Accounting Certificate

Sheldon Smith—Belpre, OH—Business Management Technology

Alyssa Snyder—Newport, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Kyle Somerville—Vienna, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Ciara Space—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Jamie Spencer—Marietta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Crystal Staats—Williamstown, WV—Practical Nursing Certificate

Hannah Staats—Sandyville, WV—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Sasha Staats—Washington, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Morgan Stanley—Marietta, OH—Business Administration Transfer

Morgan Stanley—Marietta, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Christopher Starr—Salesville, OH—Physical Therapist Assistant Technology

Nathaniel Stellfox—Dexter City, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Nathaniel Stellfox—Dexter City, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Molly Stevens—Hurricane, WV—Industrial Technology - Process Technician

Molly Stevens—Hurricane, WV—Chemical Operator Certificate

Erin Stewart—Marietta, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Leithon Stewart—Beverly, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Lauren Strickland—Cairo, WV—Respiratory Therapy Technology

Colton Sunderman—Belpre, OH—Chemical Operator Certificate

Remy Sunderman—Belpre, OH—Health and Wellness Technology

Joel Swisher—Woodsfield, OH—Chemical Operator Certificate

Drew Taylor—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Alexander Temesvary—Marietta, OH—Business Administration Transfer

Derek Theobald—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Sarah Tilton—Lowell, OH—Accounting Technology

Sarah Tilton—Lowell, OH—Accounting Certificate

Brittany Titus—Sisterville, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Desiree Tomasello—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Gabrielle Tornes—Beverly, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Britiny Toups—Parkersburg, WV—Automotive Technology - Automotive Service

Britiny Toups—Parkersburg, WV—Welding Certificate

Baileigh Trisler—Sarahsville, OH—Business Management Technology

Connor Tullius—Beverly, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Brooke Tuttle—Newport, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Alayna Vega—Williamstown, WV—Medical Laboratory Technology

Jeb Francis Veloso—Marietta, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Emily Vierling—Vienna, WV—Medical Coding Certificate

Chelsea Waldeck—Belpre, OH—Accounting Certificate

Megan Wallace—Williamstown, WV—Radiologic Technology

Dakota Warner—Newport, OH—Computer Systems Certificate

Kyly Warner—Marietta, OH—Business Management Technology

Crystal Webb—Waverly, WV—Respiratory Therapy Technology

Abbey Weekley—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Chance Weihl—Little Hocking, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Logan Welch—Vincent, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Briar West—Newport, OH—General Sciences Transfer

Cassidy West—Marietta, OH—Health and Wellness Technology

Kaleigh West—Lowell, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Taylor West—Pleasant City, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Kaley White—Williamstown, WV—Radiologic Technology

Greyson Wiblin—Parkersburg, WV—Medical Coding Certificate

Kateland Wilfong—Coolville, OH—Health and Wellness Technology

Tammy Williamson—Newport, OH—Accounting Technology

Danielle Wills—Vienna, WV—Associate Degree Nursing

Seth Woomer—Marietta, OH—Automotive Technology - Diesel Truck Systems

Makayla Work—McConnelsville, OH—Radiologic Technology

Breanna Wright—Newport, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Derien Wright—New Matamoras, OH—Practical Nursing Certificate

Kayden Wright—Belpre, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Laura Wright—Williamstown, WV—Health and Wellness Technology

Taylor Wukelich—Caldwell, OH—Medical Laboratory Technology

Thomas Wussick—Marietta, OH—Industrial Technology - Process Technician

Tiffany Yeater—Amesville, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Hannah Yoho—Marietta, OH—Associate Degree Nursing

Tameka Young—Houston, TX—Industrial Technology - Process Technician

Tameka Young—Houston, TX—Chemical Operator Certificate

Lauren Zwick—Lower Salem, OH—Liberal Arts Transfer

Lauren Zwick—Lower Salem, OH—General Sciences Transfer