WSCO Student Jake Binegar makes it big on stage and in the classroom

MARIETTA, OH (March 8, 2018)— Jake Binegar is a smooth-voiced country music singer/songwriter who is on the cusps of making it big in the entertainment business. He has traveled the country opening for names like Confederate Railroad, Jason Michael Carroll, and The Davisson Brothers. But when he’s not on stage, you’ll find him in the halls of Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) making a name for himself as a stand-out student. And this month, WSCO is applauding his hard work by putting his name in lights as Student of the Month.

Jake is an amazing one-man-show; onstage it’s just him, the mic and his trusty guitar. Offstage it’s still just him–writing, recording, and booking gigs. To add to his burden, Jake is a full-time student pursuing his associate degree in Business Management, a degree he plans to couple with his music career to help him skyrocket to fame.

“Taking the Business Management program is just a stepping stone for me to be successful in the music industry,” Jake confessed. “Learning everything from Accounting and Law, to Sales and Digital Marketing will help me continue to flourish and continue in my musical pursuits.”

While Jake claimed the title of West Virginia State Champion of the Annual Country Showdown in 2014, his life isn’t all bright lights and partying. Jake has worked hard to find the balance between his music and his education. “I won’t lie,” he confessed. “keeping up with all my classwork on top of performing, writing, recording, booking, and promoting my music is a lot to take on, but the skills I have learned during my time here at Washington State help me manage my time more efficiently and effectively.”

Elizabeth Ruth, Assistant Professor in WSCO’s Business division, sang her student’s praise. “Jake has taken lessons he has learned from his business classes and incorporated them into promoting his music career. It’s been amazing watching him take these concepts, apply them to a real-life scenario and then see the payoff! He’s a great reminder of why I love to teach, it’s those moments when you see how your students benefit from your program. ”

Jake humbly credits his success to his fortitude. “I think what makes me a successful student is my determination. I will not give up until I have tried everything I can do in school, music, and life to ensure my success.”

Next fall, Jake will take the stage at WSCO. He won’t be performing, instead, he’ll be rewarded for his performance—his academic performance. He’ll shake the hand of WSCO’s president, accept his degree and take his bows. Then he’ll jump in his truck and drive off into the sunset toward the country music capital, Nashville, TN, where he plans to “write songs and perform using my degree to remain self-sufficient in music.”

Listen to the talents of Jake at, or buy his latest album, “Take the Road”, on Amazon or iTunes.

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