Of students in the class of 2020 are rethinking their college plans

Of students who take time off or delay college never earn a degree

Savings vs public in one semester

Savings vs private in just one semester

There Are Still Openings in Fall 2020 Courses

Still looking for some classes this fall? We still have spots in the below popular classes. Round out your schedule today. Contact the Center for Student Success to get registered, css@wscc.edu or 740.568.1913.

Fall 2020 courses still have openings

Class of 2020 - Parents

We know you want the best education for your child without breaking the bank. COVID-19 has thrown every parent a curveball, regardless of how much you’ve planned and saved for college. In these uncertain times, we invite you to look at WSCO. We’ve built strong educational foundations for nearly 50 years and have proudly served more than 10,000 graduates.

Here’s the deal — it isn’t too late to make adjustments to college plans. Even if your recent grad has their heart set on moving out and going to their dream four-year school, we know that might not be possible now.

As you look at the dollars and cents, it’s time to seriously consider how much is too much to spend. Things have changed now with no guarantees that college will reopen for face-to-face classes in the fall. So why pay four-year college tuition prices for an online class that your student can take at WSCO for just a fraction of the cost?

Cost Comparison

An online class is the same no matter where you take it. Small School. Big. Savings.

Public College TotalsPrivate College Totals
4-years of 4-year school to complete bachelor degree$80,996.65$167,935.47
2-years of WSCO to complete associate degree + 2-years of 4-year school to complete bachelor degree$51,331.06$96,423.85
Total savings by transferring from WSCO$29,665.59$71,551.62

Ohio Comparison

West Virginia Comparison

Come here for one semester and save up to $3,525 (vs public) or $14,025 (vs private).

When you compare tuition rates, the savings for even just a class or two are amazing.

  • $400 per credit hour for a four-year public college.
  • $1,100 or more per credit hour for a four-year private college.
  • Or $170 per credit hour at WSCO for Ohio residents and residents of 12-reciprocity counties in WV.


Gap Years and Time Off

With residence halls in question at many four-year colleges and universities, more students than ever before are considering taking a time off before starting college.

While a gap year or gap semester may seem like a good way to wait out the pandemic, there's a lot more to consider.

Students who take a gap year are less likely to graduate when they do return to school. Time off makes it easy to lose momentum and get rusty on the things they used to know. What's more, 1/2 of those who drop out or delay college never earn a degree.

There's Still Time

It isn’t too late to make adjustments to college plans. WSCO has rolling admission which means you can apply up to the start of Fall semester.

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