Of students in the class of 2020 are rethinking their college plans

Of students who take time off or delay college never earn a degree

Savings vs public in one semester

Savings vs private in just one semester

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New High School Grads Committed to a Four-Year

Unsure about committing to your four-year college this fall? Consider WSCO.

As members of the Class of 2020, you and your classmates are dealing with lots of uncertainties.  Maybe you had your college plans all set but you’re not quite sure if your chosen college will even be open this fall for face-to-face classes.

So here’s the dilemma if your four-year campus doesn’t reopen...do you still attend taking only online classes and pay the same price as the face-to-face class WITHOUT all of the benefits of the campus experience?

Or, do you take that same online class through Washington State and then transfer it back to your chosen college? By choosing WSCO, you’ll save money AND you’ll keep on track with your degree.

Did You Know

1/3 of students in the class of 2020 are rethinking their college plans.

Thinking about a gap year? Think again. Research shows that when students take time off, they lose momentum and are less likely to complete their degrees.

Even when students return to college following a gap year, they are less likely to graduate. 1/2 of students who take time off or delay college never earn a degree.

Cost Comparison

Public College TotalsPrivate College Totals
4-years of 4-year school to complete bachelor degree$80,996.65$167,935.47
2-years of WSCO to complete associate degree + 2-years of 4-year school to complete bachelor degree$51,331.06$96,423.85
Total savings by transferring from WSCO$29,665.59$71,551.62

Ohio Comparison

West Virginia Comparison

Come here for one semester and save up to $3,525 (vs public) or $14,025 (vs private). Stay for the whole degree with our 2+2 and save up to $51,331.06 (public) or $96,423.85 (private).

An online class is the same no matter where you take it. Small School. Big. Savings.

There's Still Time

It isn’t too late to make adjustments to college plans. WSCO has rolling admission which means you can apply up to the start of Fall semester.

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