Janie Williams, August Student of the Month

MARIETTA, OHIO (August 28, 2018)– After 20 years in the banking industry, Janie Williams decided it was time to make a change in her life. Last fall she made the courageous decision to pursue a new career by enrolling at Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) and studying to become a Medical Administrative Assistant. Her drive and dedication to her academic performance has drawn attention on campus and earned her the title of August Student of the Month.

The majority of Williams’s professional life was spent working at a local bank. When circumstances in her personal life changed, she saw it as an opportunity to explore a new career path. Her first attempt at enrolling in college resulted in cold feet and before the semester started, she opted to postpone her academic dreams. As a first-generation college student and mom of two, she readily admits it wasn’t easy to make the decision to go to school. Her greatest reason to defer the decision was also her greatest reason to avoid the delay—her kids. “It’s hard being a mom and being a student. I’ve always put my kids first and this was somewhere where I had to put myself first.”

The mom who is always cheering for her kids to do their best is now on the receiving end of the praise. “I see opportunity there to inspire my kids. They are my biggest supporters,” Williams says proudly. In May, Williams graduated summa cum laude with a certificate in Medical Coding further garnering the pride of her family. “I hope to inspire them that they will want to go to school and hopefully make something better for themselves.”

Williams’s academic performance is also recognized by her instructors. “Janie brings a unique dynamic to the classroom that truly adds value to the learning environment,” said Natalie Lowe, professor in the Office Administrative Services Technology program. “She has excellent skills and strives for success in all aspects of the classroom.”

With a Medical Coding certificate under her belt, Williams is continuing her studies at WSCO and anticipates graduating in spring 2019 with her associate degree. Following graduation, she plans to pursue employment at either a local hospital or doctor’s office.

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