Distinguished alumni

Carrie L. Ankrom graduated from WSCO in 1996 with an Associate of Applied Business in Mass Media Technology. Serving as the Event and Public Relations Manager of the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) for 10 years, Carrie became the MACC President and CEO in 2015. As the Chamber’s event planner, her accomplishments included building the Annual Meeting/Dinner and the Annual Golf Outing to new heights and increasing networking opportunities for Chamber members by 25%. Under her leadership as President and CEO, she has increased the number of members in active roles within the Chamber and has guided the development of the MACC into a thriving organization within the community.

Additionally, Carrie is known for her ability to promote excellence in herself and others, she encourages continuous improvement and lifelong learning through her partnerships with local organizations and sits on the Teen Career Awareness and Entrepreneurship Expo Committees. She is also very involved with her children’s school and uses her talents to improve activities and organizations that impact them and the community.