Distinguished alumni

Misty Casto graduated from WSCO in 1997 with an Associate of Applied Business, Accounting Technology. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Ohio Valley University in 2004.

Misty began her public service with Buckeye Hills Regional Council while a high school student in 1990. Her numerous positions within the agency (Development Director, 2001-2004; Assistant Executive Director, 2004-2007) culminated with her appointment as Executive Director in 2007. As the Executive Director, Misty oversees the activities of an 8-county regional development organization, specializing in providing aging, economic development, community development, and planning services to the region.

In her 26 years of service with Buckeye Hills, Misty has relentlessly dedicated her life to improving the lives of the citizens of our region. Her leadership and authority in her field are respected not just locally but on the state and national levels as well. She has served as the Secretary of the National Association of Development Organizations and the Training Chair and former president of the Development District Association of Appalachia.

Misty, with her level of excellence, professionalism, and compassion in her work, serves as a role model for all who seek to provide service to our community.