WSCO alumnus Chad Rinard

As principal of Marietta High School, Chad Rinard loves where his career has taken him, but admits, if he could repeat the past, he would do things differently.

Rinard has spent more than 18 years working in education, five and a half years in the classroom and the remainder in administration. Today he holds a Masters plus 30 in Educational Leadership, a Superintendents, Curriculum Director and Director of Instruction Certificate. He also serves on WSCO’s advisory council for the Education Transfer Program. His career and desires are firmly planted in academia.

So when he reflects on the path that got him to this point, he has only one regret. At the outset of his education he chose to launch into the big college experience, however he soon realized that he wasn’t prepared mentally for OU. “Coming out of high school, I went straight to Ohio University and spent two quarters at OU before transferring back to Washington State College of Ohio. If I had to do it all over again, I would have went to WSCO first, then transferred to Ohio University,” Rinard confessed. “WSCO allowed me to acclimate myself to life outside of high school and thoroughly prepared me to successfully handle the responsibilities and dependency of college life away from the confines of my home.”

Rinard’s experience is one that continues to resonate with students today and he and his team tailor their message to ensure students are aware of their options for college. “The administration and guidance offices often talk about the impact and the importance of WSCO with our students,” said Rinard. “We emphasize the value and comfort of attending WSCO prior to going to a four-year institution. There are many students who would benefit going to WSCO, which would allow them to mature and grow as young adults before venturing out in the real world without parent supervision and guidance.”

And while he can’t change his story, he has no regrets because ultimately he made his way to WSCO and that allowed him to move onto even greater opportunities. “I had a great experience at WSCO! The staff and instructors at Washington State were friendly and courteous. I met some really great individuals who I am still real good friends with today. More importantly, I was able to get myself grounded and matured to the point where I was able to successfully head away from while making responsible decisions.”

For more than 45 years, Washington State College of Ohio has provided residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley the opportunity to realize dreams, to enhance skills, and to broaden understanding. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or an adult student looking to move your life in a new direction, Washington State has the classes to suit your needs. For more information about Washington State College of Ohio, visit or call 740.374.8716.