Presidents and deans list art

MARIETTA, OHIO (May 22, 2018)–Washington State College of Ohio is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President’s and Dean’s lists for the 2018 Spring semester.

These outstanding scholastic achievements are earned by students who carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) to receive President’s List honors or a minimum 3.5 – 3.9 GPA for Dean’s List recognition. Congratulations to these 215 students. We, at WSCO, look forward to their continued strides toward greatness.

For more than 45 years, Washington State College of Ohio has fueled the community’s future through education. We work to make a positive impact by providing opportunities for growth. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or an adult student looking to enrich your life, we cultivate pathways to guide you toward future growth. Be inspired. Be WSCO. For more information about Washington State College of Ohio, visit or call 740.374.8716.

Jack Alvarez– Marietta, OH
Rachel Baumgard– Cutler, OH
Jared Bloomfield– Lowell, OH
Haylee Bowers– Hannibal, OH
Natalie Brooks– Marietta , OH
Sophia Brown– Newport, OH
Kasey Buchanan– Lowell, OH
Tyler Carsey– Marietta, OH
Molli Carter– Sarahsville, OH
McKayla Chevalier–
Ashley Chittum– Parkersburg, WV
Emma Christman– Lowell, OH
Morgan Connolly– Marietta, OH
Michelle Crow– Belle Valley, OH
Deanna Darrach– Belpre, OH
Ashley Dimmerling– Woodsfield, OH
Betty Doak– Marietta, OH
Caleigh Doan– Lowell, OH
Elena Donnelly– Marietta, OH
Kerensa Duffey– Marietta, OH
Nichole Farson– Barnesville, OH
Paige Ferguson– Caldwell, OH
Ariel Fish– Middlebourne, WV
Jordan Fisher– Racine, OH
Shawna Ford– Marietta, OH
Seth Foutty– Newport, OH
Makayla Frye– Marietta, OH
Letitia Glass– Guysville, OH
Tiffany Graham– Newport, OH
Sarah Greenlee– Vincent, OH
Joshua Guiler– Lower Salem, OH
Amanda Harvey– Belpre, OH
Aaron Heiby– Fleming, OH
Christina Helm– Vincent, OH
Katie Hendrickson– Belpre, OH
Creighton Henthorn– Parkersburg, WV
Ashley Hicks– Parkersburg, WV
James Hoban– Marietta, OH
Tanner Hurst– Marietta, OH
Elayna Jacobs– Marietta, OH
Breanne Jones– Cambridge, OH
Amanda Kelsey– Marietta, OH
Elizabeth King– Marietta, OH
Stephen King– Marietta, OH
Kayla Kirby– Little Hocking, OH
Kara Koons– Marietta, OH
Ryan Lamp– Newport, OH
Evan Lauer– Newport, OH
Shayla Lightfritz — Marietta, OH
Allison Lisk– Marietta, OH
Abigail Litman– Marietta, OH
Joshua Longwell– Williamstown, WV
Lyndsey Marshall– Marietta, OH
Jenna Maston– Newport, OH
Dana McClead– Mineral Wells, WV
Dayna McDougle– Lowell, OH
Anne McFarland– Vienna, WV
Caileigh Moore– Caldwell, OH
Dennis Morris– Marietta, OH
Justin Nash– Fleming, OH
Kylee Newlen– New Matamoras, OH
Torrance Nonnenmacher– Whipple, OH
Chanda Opitz– Smithville, WV
Rodney Paige– McConnelsville, OH
Faith Payton– Marietta, OH
Jessica Phillips– Cutler, OH
Lucas Phillips– Lower Salem, OH
Rachael Rhodes– Marietta, OH
Corinne Roberts– Parkersburg, WV
Ella Rockhold– Marietta, OH
Karlie Russell– Bethesda, OH
Keith Schwendeman– Lowell, OH
Skyler Secrest– Marietta, OH
Cloe Siddle– Caldwell, OH
Ciara Sims– Marietta, OH
Deidre Smith– Amesville, OH
Joseph Sohn– ,
David Spencer– Vienna, WV
Arizona Stewart– Powell, OH
Jack Stewart– Marietta, OH
Kyra Stewart– Sardis, OH
Jasmine Tabler– Marietta, OH
Gillian Teters– Waterford, OH
Tanya Wade– Lowell, OH
Megan Warner– Lowell, OH
Hannah White– Little Hocking, OH
Mason Wiley– Caldwell, OH
Amber Williams– Summerfield, OH
Gertrude Williams– Elizabeth, WV
Kristin Wilson– Washington, WV
Kristen Winstanley– Reno , OH
Leslie Zoller– Marietta, OH
Megan Zwick– Caldwell, OH

Rosalie Alden– Reno, OH
Karly Allen– Marietta, OH
Caylin Anderson– Lower Salem, OH
Malorie Archer– Marietta, OH
Matthew Argabright– Marietta, OH
Christian Austin– Marietta, OH
Santana Bailey– Harrisville, WV
Zachary Barnes– Marietta, OH
Rachel Bauer– Syracuse, OH
Maria Blaker– Caldwell, OH
Jonysa Bradford– Marietta, OH
Joel Bricker– Marietta, OH
Cameron Brindo– Mineral Wells, WV
Alexis Brookover– Newport, OH
Logan Brown– Vincent, OH
Jeremy Butler– Ravenswood, WV
Emily Camp– Lowell, OH
Summer Cannon– Parkersburg, WV
Kayla Clark– Stewart, OH
Daniel Copenhaver– Marietta, OH
Caitlyn Crow– Belle Valley, OH
Tiphanie Damon–
Bakary Dampha– Belpre, OH
Austin Davis– Stockport, OH
Eric DeLong– Lowell, OH
Alicia Dickinson– Waterford, OH
Danyel Dimmerling– Pleasant City, OH
Buffie Durham– Marietta, OH
Karci Feldner– Caldwell, OH
Makayla Feldner– Caldwell, OH
Dylan Ferrell– New Matamoras, OH
Kera Fordyce– Walker, WV
Heath Foutty– Newport, OH
Connor Gannon– Vincent, OH
Bradley Gentry– Marietta, OH
Patrick Goff– Vienna, WV
Abigail Grayson– Stockport, OH
Micah Hall– Marietta, OH
Kelley Hannigan– Belpre, OH
Justine Hendershot– Parkersburg, WV
Tiffani Hendershot– Parkersburg, WV
David Hensler– Marietta, OH
Brittany Hooper– Woodsfield, OH
Brett Huck–
Eli Hunter– Racine, OH
Robert Hurt– New Matamoras, OH
Jordyn Jackson– Marietta, OH
Tiffany Jarvis– Waterford, OH
Ashley Jenkins– Cambridge, OH
Shelby Knicely– Palestine, WV
Paula Lawless– Beverly, OH
Elizabeth Leach– Waterford, OH
Cali Leasure– Belpre, OH
Braden Lipot– Beverly, OH
Tyler Liston– Little Hocking, OH
Zekiel Liston– Caldwell, OH
Zack Loeber– Marietta, OH
Kayla Logston– Lewisville, OH
Crystal Lowers– Walker, WV
Nicholas Mackey– Reno, OH
Whitney Marshall– Sycamore Valley, OH
Erin McDonald– Vincent, OH
Brittany McKerrow– Mineral Wells, WV
Airyell McNemar– Cutler, OH
Jared Miller– Waterford, OH
Shelley Moore– Marietta, OH
Brandan Murphy– Newport, OH
Sarah Noland– Parkersburg, WV
Madison Nutter– Belpre, OH
Anna Marie Offenberger– Waterford, OH
Bailey Offenberger– Waterford, OH
Lauren Oliver– Waterford, OH
Abbey Ortiz– Belpre, OH
Tyler Palmer– Marietta, OH
George Pierce– Belpre, OH
Amanda Pitt– South Charleston, OH
Logan Racy– Belpre, OH
Hunter Reed– Reedsville, OH
Dalton Rice– Caldwell, OH
Morgan Riggs– Caldwell, OH
Lexie Riley– Waterford, OH
Crenson Rogers– Syracuse, OH
Kylie Ruble– Newport, OH
Leila Schexnider– Marietta, OH
Clayton Seabolt– Whipple, OH
Chyla Sephfus– Vincent, OH
Stephanie Sklenar– Marietta, OH
Douglas Sloter– Lowell, OH
Margaret Smendziuk– Caldwell, OH
Alec Smith– New Matamoras, OH
Peyton Sofronko– Stewart, OH
Kaley Strauss– Williamstown, WV
Susanna Strode– Stockport, OH
Carleen Tabler– Cutler, OH
William Thompson– Whipple, OH
Lindsey Tidd– Newport, OH
Brooke Tipton– Vincent, OH
Haley Tornes– Marietta, OH
Johnathan Tucker– Waterford, OH
Abigail Turner– Marietta, OH
Kerri Veyon– Beverly, OH
Jacob Wagner– Marietta, OH
Ethan Walker– Belpre, OH
Crew Warden– Racine , OH
Alexandra Watlington– Marietta, OH
James Weaver– Little Hocking, OH
Chase Welsh– Vincent, OH
Jacob Williams– Logan, OH
Cory Wilson– Guysville, OH
Kimberly Wilson– Marietta, OH
Alisia Winstanley– Newport, OH
Tiffany Wise– Waverly, WV
Tyler Wise– Marietta, OH
Eden Wisenburg– Marietta, OH
Ryan Wood– Prospect, OH
Cierra Woodford– Caldwell, OH
Sonja Wooge– Marietta, OH
Paiten Wotring– Little Hocking, OH
Mason Yost– Ellenboro, WV
Samuel Young– Belpre, OH
Samantha Zumwalde– Marietta, OH
Kelsey Zwick– Caldwell, OH