Marietta City Schools tour of campus

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education, Marietta City School District Superintendent Will Hampton, and WSCO President Dr. Vicky Wood gathered on campus today to continue initial discussions of a partnership.

The early discussions have included new facilities for Marietta City Schools (MCS) on the WSCO campus, which would create a partnership that does not currently exist anywhere in the state of Ohio. As a result, Students would benefit from early exposure to career pathways, expanded access to advanced technologies, and opportunities for mentoring.

“Since arriving in my position as President of Washington State College of Ohio, I have been continuously impressed by the strong sense of community in Marietta and the surrounding areas,” said Dr. Wood. “This is an opportunity to greatly impact our future generations, promote equity, empower families to break the cycle of poverty, and positively impact our local economy.”

Initial goals of the unique collaboration between MCS and WSCO go beyond a school facility project. MCS Superintendent Hampton stated, “To give our students the best chance to succeed we need more than just new buildings. This partnership is the first of its kind and will create innovative opportunities for our children through a transformative educational experience.”

While on campus, MCS board members toured WSCO facilities, viewing state-of-the-art equipment including the newly acquired Anatomage Table, the college is one of only three community colleges in the state with this advanced training tool.

A steering committee and subcommittees made up of administrators, MEA and OAPSE leadership, and various community leaders have been formed to help frame the vision.