President’s and Dean’s lists for the 2018 Fall semester

MARIETTA, OHIO (January 3, 2019)— Washington State College of Ohio is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President’s and Dean’s lists for the 2018 Fall semester.

These outstanding scholastic achievements are earned by students who carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0-grade point average (GPA) to receive President’s List honors or a minimum 3.5 – 3.9 GPA for Dean’s List recognition. Congratulations to these 224 students.

Rachael Adams—Waterford, OH
William Allen—Parkersburg, WV
Kortney Allen—Dexter City, OH
Jack Alvarez—Marietta, OH
Dustin Anderson—Ravenswood, WV
Kelsey Ash—Marietta, OH
Gabrielle Ball—Marietta, OH
Zachary Barnes—Marietta, OH
Mary Barth—Lowell, OH
Rachel Baumgard—Cutler, OH
Nathan Bennett—Marietta, OH
Joni Betts—Lewisville, OH
Cameron Booth—Lowell, OH
Joel Bricker—Marietta, OH
Zachary Brooker—Belpre, OH
Alexis Brookover—Newport, OH
Dylan Brown—Marietta, OH
Sydney Brown—Stockport, OH
Sophia Brown—Newport, OH
KyLynn Buchanan—Lower Salem, OH
Tara Burdette—Marietta, OH
Valarie Caltrider—Parkersburg, WV
Daniel Carlsen—Vincent, OH
Alexus Carpenter—Belpre, OH
Johnathon Carpenter—Dexter City, OH
Ashley Chittum—Parkersburg, WV
LaToya Clark—Stewart, OH
Kayleanna Cochran—Newport, OH
Taryn Conley—Belpre, OH
Morgan Connolly—Marietta, OH
Kevin Corp—Marietta, OH
Isaac Curtis—New Matamoras, OH
Deanna Darrach—Belpre, OH
Kamryn Davis—Middlebourne, WV
Racquel Dawson—Marietta, OH
Erica Dawson—Marietta, OH
Derek Duckworth—Marietta, OH
Merlea Dunn—Newport, OH
Dylan Ferrell—New Matamoras, OH
Kera Fordyce—Walker, WV
Carrington Foreman—Vincent, OH
Kyler Gage—Cutler, OH
Kelley Hannigan—Belpre, OH
Amanda Harvey—Belpre, OH
Aaron Heiby—Fleming, OH
Brookelyn Heiss—Marietta, OH
Katie Hendrickson—Belpre, OH
Creighton Henthorn—Parkersburg, WV
Kevin Hesson—Parkersburg, WV
Ashley Hicks—Parkersburg, WV
Kole Hoag—Arkansas City, KS
Nathan Holbert—Parkersburg, WV
Olivia Hoskins—Hannibal, OH
Aaron Hoskinson—Sardis, OH
Brett Huck—Waterford, OH
Eli Hunter—Racine, OH
Robert Hurt—New Matamoras, OH
Nathan Justinian-Bank—Marietta, OH
Evan Lauer—Newport, OH
Gary Lawyer—Marietta, OH
Ryan Lee—Powhatan Point, OH
Nadine Lee Oliver—Marietta, OH
Kya Lindsey—Marietta, OH
Abigail Litman—Marietta, OH
Reagan Loeber—Marietta, OH
Lyndsey Marshall—Marietta, OH
Jenna Maston—Newport, OH
Bridget McCutcheon—Marietta, OH
Eliza McKown—Beverly, OH
Hannah Metz—Marietta, OH
Kasey Myers—Marietta, OH
Justin Nash—Fleming, OH
Daniel Newberry—Citronelle, AL
Ashley Offenberger—Waterford, OH
Bailey Offenberger—Waterford, OH
Leanne Omietanski—Marietta, OH
Alexis Palmer-McMahan—Belpre, OH
Faith Payton—Marietta, OH
Emma Petty—Marietta, OH
Kelley Powell—Belpre, OH
Bailey Putnam—Coolville, OH
Darian Renner—Vincent, OH
Halle Richards—Belpre, OH
Paul Richards—Marietta, OH
Corinne Roberts—Parkersburg, WV
Carli Robertson—Marietta, OH
Ella Rockhold—Marietta, OH
Crenson Rogers—Racine, OH
Morgan Roush—Marietta, OH
Marissa Ruble—Woodsfield, OH
Rachel Schofield—Marietta, OH
Cantor Schott—Caldwell, OH
Emerald Sears—Elizabeth, WV
Chyla Sephfus—Vincent, OH
Hydia Shank—Marietta, OH
Cloe Siddle—Caldwell, OH
Ciara Sims—Marietta, OH
Margaret Smendziuk—Caldwell, OH
Gregory Smith—Sardis, OH
Brandi Stanley—Parkersburg, WV
Nathaniel Stellfox—Dexter City, OH
Jenna Stewart—Marietta, OH
Kyra Stewart—Sardis, OH
Susanna Strode—Stockport, OH
Jasmine Tabler—Marietta, OH
Jeremy Thomas—Marietta, OH
Brooke Tipton—Vincent, OH
Haley Tornes—Marietta, OH
Abigail Turner—Marietta, OH
Brittany Vincent—Marietta, OH
Tara Vogt—Coolville, OH
Tanya Wade—Lowell, OH
Tara Wajszczyk—Marietta, OH
Samantha Welch—Marietta, OH
Leah Wietrzykowski—Marietta, OH
Mason Wiley—Caldwell, OH
Kimberly Wilson—Marietta, OH
Kristen Winstanley—Reno, OH
Lillie Yurco—Caldwell, OH

Baylee Adams—Marietta, OH
Karly Allen—Marietta, OH
Caylin Anderson—Lower Salem, OH
Malorie Archer—Marietta, OH
Emma Baldwin—Waterford, OH
Samantha Banziger—Little Hocking, OH
Lindsey Bauman—Marietta, OH
Angela Bennett—Vienna, WV
Maria Blaker—Caldwell, OH
Rachel Border—Chesterhill, OH
Madeline Brookover—Marietta, OH
Logan Brown—Vincent, OH
Katelyn Buck—New Matamoras, OH
Emily Camp—Lowell, OH
Christiana Cantrell—Belpre, OH
Kristin Carsner—Little Hocking, OH
Brianne Chute—Newport, OH
Kristen Clem—Belpre, OH
Mason Cline—Marietta, OH
Jade Colvin—Sardis, OH
Brooke Copenhaver—Marietta, OH
Marsha Cox—Parkersburg, WV
Shawna Cozzens—Belpre, OH
Denise DeLong—Salesville, OH
Stephen Dickinson—Marietta, OH
Danyel Dimmerling—Pleasant City, OH
Patricia Duffey—Caldwell, OH
Christy Eddy—Saint Marys, WV
Alexandra Erac—Waterford, OH
Caitlynn Erb—Lower Salem, OH
Cole Farnsworth—Marietta, OH
Karci Feldner—Caldwell, OH
Makayla Feldner—Caldwell, OH
Kayla Fry—Wingett Run, OH
Katelin Gennett—Marietta, OH
Abby Gilliand—Cutler, OH
Letitia Glass—Guysville, OH
Madelyn Goff—Vienna, WV
Avery Grayson—Vincent, OH
Robert Hart—Lewisville, OH
Justin Hartley—Marietta, OH
Hannah Headley—Marietta, OH
Shauna Hennen—Little Hocking, OH
Charley Hill—Quaker City, OH
Chayse Hostottle—Coolville, OH
Elayna Jacobs—Marietta, OH
Ashley Jenkins—Cambridge, OH
Stephen King—Marietta, OH
Lena Laipply—Caldwell, OH
Joseph Lamp—Lowell, OH
Shayla Lightfritz —Marietta , OH
Kayla Logston—Lewisville, OH
Logan Loudin—Sistersville, WV
Whitney Marshall—Sycamore Valley, OH
Landon Martin—Newport, OH
Kaitlyn McClead—Marietta, OH
Cailin McCracken—Marietta, OH
Cali Miller—Caldwell, OH
Jared Miller—Waterford, OH
Dennis Morris—Marietta , OH
Austin Murphy—Reedsville, OH
Cira Myers—Malta, OH
Clayton Myers—New Martinsville, WV
Joel Neville—Marietta, OH
Sarah Noland—Vienna, WV
Lauren Oliver—Waterford, OH
Tanner Palmer—Pomeroy, OH
Chelsey Pattison—Cambridge , OH
Jessica Phillips—Cutler, OH
Mary Prim—Marietta, OH
Marie Rauch—Lowell, OH
Katelyn Reed—Macksburg, OH
Hannah Rice—Belpre, OH
Samuel Riley—Marietta, OH
Brendon Ross—Parkersburg, WV
Meredith Saboley—Marietta, OH
Cheyenne Sampson—Waterford, OH
Stacia Sandy—Marietta, OH
Andrew Schindler—Ravenswood, WV
Clayton Seabolt—Whipple, OH
Steven Shelene—Vienna, WV
Andrea Siders—Marietta, OH
Douglas Sloter—Lowell, OH
Sheldon Smith—Belpre, OH
Kayla Snider—Fleming, OH
Andrew Spaur—Parkersburg, WV
Sasha Staats—Washington, WV
Kenzie Stack—Clarington , OH
Chloe Stevens—Marietta, OH
Christine Stilgenbauer—Parkersburg, WV
Ryan Swan—Vincent, OH
Britiny Toups—Parkersburg, WV
Josylin Treadway—Lowell, OH
Danielle Van Wey—Marietta, OH
Victoria VanDyke—Little Hocking, OH
Jacob Wagner—Marietta, OH
Trinton Weimer—Mineral Wells, WV
John Welch—Little Hocking, OH
Sydney Westbrook—Whipple, OH
Nathaniel Westbrook—Belleville, WV
Lauren Williams—Athens, OH
Kristin Wilson—Vienna, WV
Carolyn Wilson—Waverly, WV
Kristen Withers—Caldwell, OH
Austin Witucky—Marietta, OH