WSCO2MC is a dual admission agreement that provides students with a high-quality, affordable option to earn an undergraduate degree.

MARIETTA, OHIO (Dec. 19, 2018)—Last Fall Marietta College opened its theater program to the community and Dylan Brown rekindled his passion for performing. Having been away from the stage for several years, Brown said working alongside Associate Professor Andy Felt, “got me excited about theater again.” And while he was set to start classes that spring at Washington State, his theater experience left him longing to attend Marietta College.

As the year drew to a close, Brown was talking with his friend Bill Bauer and shared with him his desire to attend Marietta College, but it came down to one simple barrier, finances. Bauer, a professor at the college, apprised Brown of a newly established program that could solve his problem, called WSCO2MC.

WSCO2MC is a dual admission agreement that provides students with a high-quality, affordable option to earn an undergraduate degree. Once a student is accepted to the program, he is accepted to both Washington State & Marietta. He will begin his undergraduate education at Washington State and complete an associate degree, then transfer after two years to Marietta College to complete a bachelor’s degree. Not only does the agreement between the two institutions guarantee admission to Marietta College and ensures a seamless transfer, students who complete the WSCO2MC program also receive a half-tuition scholarship to Marietta College.

As details of WSCO2MC were shared with Brown, he unabashedly admits his enthusiasm. “I got really excited,” he recalled. “Obviously, for me, going straight into Marietta College would have been a challenge financially.”

Among the benefits of the program, in addition to tremendous savings in tuition, students in the program are eligible to live in one of Marietta’s residence halls, enjoy campus dining options, and participate in student life options. Additionally, students take one class each semester with Marietta College at Washington State’s tuition rate. Throughout their enrollment, they also have access to academic support, and professional development and internship opportunities from both campuses. Students in the program also work with an academic advisor at both colleges to craft a personalized academic plan to facilitate the transfer process.

Brown who is working toward a liberal arts transfer degree, is among the first nine students to enroll in the WSCO2MC program. Throughout the semester he has been actively engaged on both campus, including full-time classes at WSCO, one class at MC and recently had a role in Marietta College’s Theatre Department’s performance of Heathers the Musical.

“We are very proud of this first group of students who have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity,” said WSCO President Dr. Vicky Wood. “At Washington State, we are focused on creating pathways and opportunities that enhance our students’ transfer opportunities. WSCO2MC is a shining example of that vision.”

When Katie Hendrickson enrolled at WSCO in the summer of 2017, she wasn’t even sure she was college material. An artist at heart, she wanted the opportunity to explore a degree where she could develop her artistic skill, so she enrolled in the liberal arts transfer program and began taking art classes. It didn’t take her long to realize that she’s not just good at college, she’s great and ultimately earn an invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society of community colleges.

Once she understood that she could be successful in higher education, she set her sights on enrolling in the Studio Art program at Marietta College, chosen specifically because she fell in love with it during a tour in the sixth grade, however, her family had concerns about the cost. When her mom read the news about WSCO2MC, she knew she had to be involved.

After taking the Painting 1 at Marietta this semester Hendrickson said she’s sure she has made the right choice. “I really feel like I belong there.” Hendrickson will graduate in the spring with her liberal arts associate degree and transition seamlessly to Marietta as a full-time Pioneer.

Marietta’s President, Dr. William N. Ruud, says the connection between the College and Washington State reflects Marietta’s collaborative culture that is deeply rooted in the historic liberal arts institution.

“This innovative program will open pathways for new pioneers who want a quality education, who want to discover their calling, and who want to make a difference in their community,” Dr. Ruud said.

Students who apply to the WSCO2MC program must meet Marietta College’s eligibility standards before being accepted to the dual admission program. Once admitted, students must maintain a 2.75 GPA at WSCO, have least a 3.0 GPA in any Marietta College courses, and earn 25 transferable credits before transferring to complete their bachelor degree program at Marietta College.