Hydia Shank, Medical Laboratory Technology, January 2019 Student of the Month

MARIETTA, OHIO (January 22, 2019)—Hydia (Hai◦DEI◦ₔ) Shank fancies herself a behind-the-scenes kind of person, however, with her scorching red hair, sharp wit, and proven leadership skills, she’s definitely not going unnoticed on the campus of Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO). In fact, she’s representing the institution as its January Student of the Month.

Growing up, Shank was an avid athlete; she poured all her energy into the sport of the season. Tragically, in junior high, she was diagnosed with an incurable heart condition. While the diagnosis wasn’t terminal, it did bring her participation in sports to an abrupt halt. Yet she persevered, redefine herself, and refocused her athletic energy onto her academics instead.

When Shank enrolled at WSCO, she was certain of only one thing, she wanted to work in the medical profession. The health field offers a wide array of opportunities, so it took some investigating to discover that her interests paired perfectly with Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT), a profession structured as behind-the-scenes research that supports healthcare facilities. As someone who prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she was particularly drawn to the personal obscurity the career path offers, explaining she likes the idea of anonymously helping people. She is also intrigued by having the opportunity to be instrumental in counteracting disease. “Finding a cure for something out there inspires me.”

While Shank’s desire isn’t to attract attention to herself, her academic performance has garnered recognition from not only instructors directly related to her program, but her general education teachers as well.

“Hydia is, in a word, voracious,” characterized her English instructor, Jeremy Jusek. “She is witty, insightful, and tries her best to help her peers.” Jusek went on to describe her as a student who “actively seeks to turn every assignment into a learning opportunity.”

Steve Temesvary, Director of the MLT program, echoed similar recognition about Shank’s classroom performance. “Hydia is an exemplary student who pushes herself to be successful and is a great role model for others to follow,” said Temesvary. “She strives always to be the best in everything she attempts and is never afraid to look for help.”

The success Shank has found on campus hasn’t been without challenge, in addition to being a full-time student, she works full-time and, shortly after her admittance into the MLT program, discovered she was pregnant. Undeterred by what others may perceive as obstacles, Shank is thriving; and although the arrival of her baby intersects with the start of the Spring semester, she has worked closely with Temesvary to develop a clear plan on how to successfully juggle her responsibilities.

As she begins her final semester in the program, Shank said she will leave WSCO self-assured she will find success in her field. “I feel confident I know my information and that confidence makes me comfortable with information I’ll be giving to the doctors.” Following graduation Shank plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree.