What is Appstream?

AppStream is an application streaming service that grants users instant access to applications to use remotely (from anywhere) on Windows PCs, Chomebooks and Macs. All you need is a up to date internet browser! It enables compute-intensive applications to stream from Amazon cloud servers to the user’s local device.
AKA: You’re using a cloud PC to run your software instead of your own!

What software is currently Available?

Right now we are offering just SolidWorks and some free accompanying apps. In the future we hope to offer more software based on needs.

What Can I run Appstream on? Do I have to install anything?

You just need have something with a modern browser that can support HTML5 (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari, etc.), a broadband Internet connection with at least 1 Mbps. No installations needed! This means it can run on an older PC, Chromebooks, and even a tablet if needed!

How do I access Appstream?

To access Appstream you just need to click this link and use one of the logons provided to your school. If you have misplaced yours please email PCService@wscc.edu.

Login and Applications

Managing Files

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