What should I expect from an online class?

Expect to spend hours each week on your computer. Your instructor may require you to log-in and participate in online discussion boards as often as once a day or a few times a week in addition to watching or listening to lectures, participating in group projects and completing assignments. We said our classes are convenient, but we didn’t say easy.

How can I be sure online learning is for me?

That’s a good question and one that everyone should ask themselves before they enroll in an online class. You need to know yourself because online learning requires self-discipline. In this environment, you’re in charge of your schooling. You have to be able to balance your time with everything you have going on in your life. This can be challenging for some. Lastly, you’ll need basic technology skills, access to a computer, and reliable internet access.

Are online courses easier?

Absolutely not! Online classes have the same rigor and expectation as face-to-face classes with the added expectation of you managing your time to ensure you’re ready to participate in discussions and complete assignments when they’re due.

Do online courses cost the same as face-to-face classes?

There is a $25 connectivity fee for each online class. If you plan to do your classwork at home, you'll need to have high-speed internet access. If you don't already have it, it's an additional expense you'll need to include in your budget.

If I take online courses, will I still have access to campus resources?

Yes. You are welcome to come on campus and take advantage of resources here at our physical location as well as all the virtual options available through our library, Student Planning and Canvas.

Can I earn a degree online at WSCO?

Yes! We have three online associate degree programs and two certificates: