Cyber Security & Investigation

The Cyber Security program is a combination of criminal investigation and computer support technology. This program prepares you for a career in cyber security and investigations, and computer network infrastructure & security. You will also learn to manage networks and operating systems and IT criminal investigation.

The core classes required in the curriculum include work with current Windows desktop operating systems and Linux; current network operating systems such as Windows Server 2016, 2019, Cisco IOS and virtualization tools such as Virtual Box. Also, you will work with networking hardware including copper and fiber optic media, switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points.

Additional course work directly relates to the Cisco Academy, Security+ classes, and network security. Your degree is rounded out with select criminal justice classes in criminal investigation, criminal evidence and procedures, criminal law, and computer forensics training.

As a graduate of the program, you will earn your Associate of Technical Studies degree and you will find entry-level opportunities in the field of cyber security. Upon completion of your degree, you will be encouraged to prepare for CompTIA certification exams, including A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications, as well as Cisco CCNA Certification. You may also want to pursue additional credentials specific to your desired specialized field of cyber-security.

It's noteworthy to point out that the Federal Government projects 22% employment growth in the fields of information security analysts (as well as other IT related occupations). This growth rate is among the highest of all the professions the government reviewed.

Cyber Security & Investigation

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