Step #5 Financial Aid Package Letter

When your Financial Aid package for the upcoming year is ready to view, we’ll notify you. All communication from the Financial Aid Office will be done via mail to your address on file and/or to your WSCO email address. It is important to check your college email regularly for updates on your financial aid status.

What’s in the Package?

Your Financial Aid package will include the financial aid that you have been offered. We will typically begin generating packages to applicants in December for the upcoming academic year. Packages will be sent out on an ongoing basis for the current academic year. Please review the information carefully and refer to the Package Information Guide or Financial Aid Package Guide for details. For a copy of the Package Guide for each award year please go to  Students may receive amended awards if scholarships or other aid become available after the initial package is generated.

Accepting and Finalizing Your Package

If you’ve been awarded the Pell Grant, you don’t need to do anything to accept these funds. However, if you’ve been awarded loans or a scholarship, you do need to complete a few additional steps to finalize these awards.


Log into Student Planning at, click Financial Aid and Review and accept your Financial Aid Award Package to accept and/or change your student loan amounts.

To finalize your loans, first-time borrowers will also need to complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN). To complete these requirements, visit and use the same FSA ID as you did to sign your FAFSA. Remember, the Department of Education will not release funds to the school until the Entrance Counseling and MPN are completed.

Once a student withdraws, graduates, or drops below half time, he or she must also complete Exit Counseling for all Direct Loans at Review our Loan FAQs for more information on the loan process.


Students receiving WSCO Institutional Scholarships will receive a scholarship acceptance form with their scholarship notification. This form needs to be turned back into the Financial Aid Office to secure your scholarship award.