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MLA Title Page

  • MLA does not require a separate title page.
  • Top Left: Should have your name, professor's name, class, and date. Double spaced; no other information is needed.
  • Title: Centered and descriptive
  • Running Header: Top right-hand of paper in the Header function. It should contain your last name and the page number.

MLA Works Cited Page

  • Contains all references cited within the paper.
  • Items should be alphabetized by the author's last name or title (when no author is available).
  • All items should have hanging indents; the second line and all subsequent lines are indented five space.
    In Microsoft Word, select Paragraph, and then select "Hanging" from the dropdown menu under "Special."
  • Double space with 12-point font and a continuation of paging in the header. Do not start new paging for the Works Cited page.

MLA Book

James, Ian. Hard Work: Writing the Research Paper. London: Haworth Press, 2007. Print.
Last name, First name. Title of the Book: Subtitle of the Book. Place of publication: Publisher, Copyright year. Format.

  • If you have more than one place of publication, just pick one.
  • Always go with the most current copyright year.

MLA Encyclopedia/Dictionary

"Weather." The Dictionary of Weather Terminology 4th ed. 2005.

Please note: The term "Weather" is the term searched in the dictionary.

MLA Journal

Sampson, Ben, and Alan Smith. "Money Talks: The Art of Finance." The Economist 16.4 (2007): 114-119.

MLA Magazine

Terrance, Allan. "Malaria: The Unknown Killer of the Amazon." Field Nursing 3 March 2006: 14-18. Academic Search Complete. Web. Oct. 6 2010.

MLA Newspaper

Cor, Frank. "Killer Bees." The Times 9 June 2004: 4a, 6a. Print.

MLA Web Page

Sims, Brian, and Diane Right. "MMR Vaccination Statistics." Center for Disease Control, 6 March 2011. Web. 24 June 2011.