About Student Government

Student Government is comprised of officers elected by the student body as well as club representatives. Student Government meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month from 4-5pm via Zoom. Every student who meets all academic regulations at Washington State College of Ohio is eligible to participate in Student Government.

Mission of Student Government

The purpose of Student Government at WSCO is to provide representation and responsible leadership in student life and activities. Student Government assists the College in developing and implementing non-academic activities for students and is the central body through which all student organizations are coordinated.

Student Government Officers and Representatives:

Nicole Davis
Mackenzie Luther
Jessilyn Kiggans 
Student Representatives
Misty Cottrill
Tabitha Hutson
Loralen Morgan
Nicole Oldfield 
Dania Atwat 

Arts & Sciences students

Student Government Meetings

Meetings are held in Student OneStop.

Upcoming Events:

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Kathy Temple-Miller

For more information contact:

Kathy Temple-Miller

Dean of Student Success
740.374.8716 ext. 3872