Step #6 Disbursement

In simple terms, the disbursement date is the date in which federal student aid funds are officially credited to a student's account at the college. To help students better manage their money, Washington State splits loan disbursements into two payments each term (excluding summer) based on the published disbursement schedule. Pell grants are disbursed once on the first disbursement date.


You must attend class in order to receive the aid from your financial aid award. All students who receive federal student aid must begin attending their classes prior to the 15th calendar day of each term (this includes both weekdays and weekends) to be eligible for the first disbursement. This date is referred to as the census date. Faculty will report attendance to the Financial Aid Office at the first census date and at the midpoint of the semester. Students who fail to begin attending one or more classes by the 15th day or are reported not attending at the midpoint will have their financial aid adjusted based on the reported attendance.

Refund Checks

In some cases, students will receive financial aid above and beyond what is owed in tuition and fees. In these cases, students are able to purchase books, using their financial aid at the WSCO Bookstore. If additional aid remains on your account after all charges are paid, you will receive these funds directly as a refund. Refunds will be made to students approximately 14 days after the aid is disbursed. You can choose how you want to receive your refund: by check or by direct deposit. Direct deposit is a fast and easy way to receive your refund. To take advantage of direct deposit, simply log-in to Student Planning, click on Banking Information and enter bank routing and account numbers.

Student Payment Plan

Not expecting a refund? If you owe a balance after your financial aid is applied to your account, you have two options. You can pay your balance in full or you can sign up for a WSCO Student Payment Plan. For a $25 non-refundable fee, registered students have an extension of when their balance is due. This allows students to pay their balance when it is convenient for them. For payment deadlines please visit

To participate, students must sign a plan at the business office by the fee payment deadline. For more information, contact 740.568.1910. Note: Payment plans are now available online through Student Planning.